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Posted by Trailfrog on February 17, 2010 at 9:43 PM

They say, “Once radio gets in your blood, you can’t get it out.” I believe this to be true having worked at a country station about 10 years ago for about 6 years, and have never really got it out of my blood or my dreams. Working at a secular station had its own trials, and was a rather stressful job for me, but I loved being on the air.


I later went trucking, and with the “On Air” still in my blood, I built the biggest CB radio I could afford, so when I keyed up, everyone could hear me. Setting up my truck with that radio is what got me through hundreds of thousands of miles at night. Without it, and the conversations, I would have fallen asleep.


Being medically retired from the trucking industry, again with radio in my blood and on my mind, I ended up doing a weekly show on an internet station, broadcasted out of Kansas City Mo, so I built my computer system around the needs for that. The one thing I could never really get my heart into was the music format, and while I was a Christian, I don’t think anyone else was, and my show just did not blend well with theirs.


Two years later the birth of Uncle Ronn and RONN Radio came to pass. The youth at our little chapel on a hill had started calling me Uncle Ronn, and as more youth came for our J. A. M. Sessions, (Jesus and Me) each would come up and ask, “May I call you Uncle Ronn too?” So I became Uncle Ronn to the kids and to a ministry that was laid upon my heart.


RONN Radio is broadcast out of our home, The Guy Room, and can be heard worldwide, although I’m sure is listened to only locally at this point. The programming is Top 25 Christian Songs, with a mix of songs, off Christian artists you might not hear on normal Christian stations. Our show list is very short at this time with Aversion Therapy being the only “Live” broadcast, Mon-Fri 6-9 am, but more are to come very soon, as some of those above mentioned youth are showing interest in broadcasting.


Aversion Therapy is the exact opposite of what the name implies. I wake up every night many times, and almost every morning at 5am, which provides a wonderful time for me to start my day with my daily devotions. The house is quiet, it’s still dark, (this time of year) and I can spend my quiet time with God. All the while thinking, “this is great God, but why so early?” You know what, my God has a sense of humor, and one day He answered my question. “You’re already awake, why not do something to praise and glorify Me?” The birth of RONN Radio…


RONN Radio is self funded at this point, by my wife and I, but powered by God, and will continue to be on air as long as He provides a need for it. The world is full of many needs, so this might be a long while.


Thanks for reading, and I hope you tune in some time.


God bless you, as He has already blessed me…


Jason, aka Uncle Ronn


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