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  1. How do I post to the Forum?

    If you would like to post to our forum you will need to register first. This helps us keep SPAM to a minimum. To register, simply click the "Register" link to the right, complete the brief registration form including the display name you want to use (if you do not supply a display name your email address will be used), and click the "Sign Up" button. You will be notified via email when your registration has been confirmed. The next time you visit our site be sure and sign in and edit your profile to complete your registration. The only information required on your profile is name the other information is optional.

  2. How do I include an image in my forum post?

    You will need to have your image uploaded to one of the photo sharing web sites like or upload your photo to one of the photo albums under the Forum Photos category in our Photo Gallery . Copy the URL of the image you want to include in your post.  If you uploaded your photo to our PhotoGallery you can do that by right clicking your mouse while your cursor is on the photo you uploaded, then select View Image Info , then copy the URL of the image displayed next to the Location: tag. Then go to the forum thread you want to include your image in and click on the TV screen looking icon in the toolbar of the text box. It will say Insert Image when you place your mouse on the icon. This will open a textbox, enter or paste the URL of your image in the box then click OK. Your image should then appear in your post.

  3. How do I include a link in my forum post?

    The easiest way is to just type the link starting with www. (don't type the http://) If this doesn't work, when you get to the place you want the link (url) to appear click in the "Inset Link" icon in the toolbar of the text box. This icon looks like a chain link. After you click on this icon a box will open and prompt you to enter the link you want to include. Type the link or paste it in the box and click OK. The link should then appear in your post.

  4. Forum Members vs. Club Membership

    These are two different memberships.  To join our Fourm is free and you just have to register using the link in the sidebar.  To join our club see Club Membership in the FAQ's. 

  5. How do I post a Youtube video to the forum?

    1. Click the "Start Discussion"  or "Post Reply" button on the Forum page
    2. When the text box is presented click the <> symbol at the top right corner of the text box
    3. The characters <p><br/></p> should appear in the text box
    4. Copy the code displayed in red below and paste it between the <p> and <br/> characters in the text box
    5. Copy the Youtube video id from the URL for the Youtube video.  The ID should be the 11 characters that follow the v= in the URL.  For example in this URL the video id is Q-a7KPmOnok
    6. Replace the XXXXXXXXXXX's in the code you copied in step 4 with the video id you copied in step 5
    7. When you're finished you should end up with something like the text in green below in the text box if your video id was Q-a7KPmOnok
    8. Now you just need to click the <> symbol again as in step 2, then click the Submit button

    <img class="fw_media_youtube fw-parse" alt="YouTube-XXXXXXXXXXX" src=";id=XXXXXXXXXXX" mce_src=";id=XXXXXXXXXXX" height="350" width="425"/>

    <p><img class="fw_media_youtube fw-parse" alt="YouTube-Q-a7KPmOnok" src="http/;id=Q-a7KPmOnok" mce_src="http/;id=Q-a7KPmOnok" height="350" width="425"/><br/></p>

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Private Messaging

  1. How do I send someone a private message (PM)?

    Go to the member page and click on the person you want to send to. Under the "Actions" heading in the left hand column click "Send a Message" Enter the subject and your message and click send. You're done! When the person you sent the message to replys you will get an email notifying you that they have responded to your PM. NOTE: Do not just hit reply on the email notice you recieve. This email notice is sent from the club's email address so if you just reply to the email notice your reply will simply be sent to the clubs email address. To reply to the PM you will need to sign on to our website, go to your profile page and you will see a new message in your inbox.

  2. How do I add someone as my friend?

    Go to the member page and click on the person you want to add as a friend. Under the "Actions" heading in the left hand column click "Add as Friend", then enter a short note to the person and click "Send Request". Once the person responds to your request they will show on your personal profile page under the heading "Friends" in the left hand column. Once you have someone identified as a friend you can PM them by clicking on "Inbox" under the Action heading on your personal profile page, this will take you to your Inbox. To PM a friend from here click on the Compose box in the upper left hand corner of the window. You can then start typing their name and it will find that person for you. Now just type your message as before and click Send.

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Member Profile

  1. What is a Shoutbox?

    Another cool feature while you're on the Main tab of your personal profile page you will see a shout box next to the picture that says "What's on your mind?" You can type a short comment or quote in the box and click "Update". When anyone else puts their mouse over your picture on the forum it will display your comment or quote on the screen briefly.

  2. How do I get rid of the default profile image that is used when I post to the forum?

    You can upload an image of your choice by clicking on the "Edit Profile" link under the Welcome section of the sidebar on the right side of your screen. Click the "Upload Image" link under the Profile Image section of your profile page. You can then browse your PC for the picture you would like to use.

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  1. How do I invite my friends to this website?

    If you are a club member you can invite your friends to our website by clicking

    "Invite" under the Welcome section of the sidebar on the right hand side of the page. This will take you to a page that will let you choose from the contacts you have in your personal email client or just type in the individual's email address and a short message.

  2. How do I upload more than one photo at a time to an alblum on the photo gallery page?

    When using the Upload Photos option you can upload multiple files by clicking the first photo in the uploader and holding the Ctrl key (on PCs) or the Apple key (on Macs) then clicking on the last photo you want to upload to select multiple photos, then just press enter.

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Christian Crawlers 4x4 Club

  1. How do I join?

    Just print our Membership Application and return it with your club dues to the address on the application, or bring it with you to our next meeting or club event. Or you can register online at We look forward to wheeling with you soon!

  2. How much are your clubs membership dues?

    Club dues are $24 a year and club membership runs from January 1st to December 31st.  With your membership you will receive one club t-shirt and one club windshield sticker.

  3. How can I help?

    • Join and stay current on your dues

    • Display club stickers and wear club shirts

    • Post to our website and Facebook pages

    • Attend monthly meetings

    • Speak up in club meetings with your suggestions

    • Help organize trail runs or other club functions

    • Attend trail runs and other club functions

    • “Advertize” our club at other events

    • Hand out club business cards

    • Find ways to mention our club or link to our website on other websites/forums

    • Introduce yourself to new members and make them feel welcome

    • Help to keep our club Christ centered

    • Remember, whether you want it to be or not, your attitude is an example to others

    • Suggest possible club “sponsors” for website or club events

    • Help make our club meetings interesting for all

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