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Fellow club members:

Our annual Christmas club run is just around the corner so Iwanted to give you some bullet points to keep in mind regarding the event whichis scheduled for Saturday, December 14th.  If you have any questions, please contact me directly viaphone or club email.  Look forward toseeing everyone there.

·      We will meet at McDonald’s at the Greenland exit(#58) south of Fayetteville at 10:00am. We will plan to depart at 10:45am. This will give everyone a chance to order lunch before we leave (lunchservice begins at 10:30am so we will need to be in line ready to order to makeour 10:45 departure time). 

·      Rick England will meet us and escort us to hishome to drop off sides for the afternoon dinner (more on that below).

·      We will need to plan to depart Rick’s forDevil’s Den no later than 11:30am. This will require a quick turnaround at Rick’s place. 

·      Plan to arrive at Devil’s Den by noon with a12:30pm departure for the trails. If you plan to air down at the trailhead, you will need to do thisquickly upon arrival. 

·      The trail run that Rick has scouted will runaround 2-2.5 hours.  Therefore, wewill plan to be off the trail by 3:00pm. Our estimated time to be back at the pavilion is 4:00pm.  We are working on transportation of theside dishes to the pavilion, so there will be no need for the group toreturn to Rick’s. 

·      We will start the dinner/meeting as close to4:00pm as possible.  I anticipatethe temperature dropping pretty quickly after the sun goes down.  This is the reason for the structuredschedule. 

Dinner Plans

·        We have a turkey donated (thanks John & Marlene Carter)and Rick England will fry this for the group. The club will also furnish meatballs as an additional meat.  We will rely on potluck for the sidedishes and desserts.

·        I will post a sign-up sheet on the forum to listthe sides that everyone is bringing. This will allow everyone to see what is on the menu so we have a nicevariety.  Please plan a sideportion that will feed your entire family plus a little extra (we don’t want torun out of food!!).  Please remember to bring a serving utensilfor your dish.

·        The club will furnish paper plates, napkins,plastic silverware, and salt/pepper. 

·        Each member will need to provide their owndrinks as well as snacks during the club run.  Make sure you bring plenty of water/soda’s to cover both thetrail run and the evening dinner.

·        Also don’t forget to bring plenty of warmclothing in case the weather turns on us. We are looking for heaters for the pavilion, but it is still outdoorwithout wind protection, so plan accordingly.

Club Meeting

·        It has been our custom to combine our monthlymeeting, trail run, and dinner into one event.  I will plan to keep the club business to a minimum.

·        Below will be the agenda for the club meeting:

o   Yearly recap of club events

o   Year-end financial update

o   Distribution/collectionof ballots for club officer elections (for those that would like to do this inperson).  Email voting will remainopen through December 28th.

o   We will continue to take nominations for the positions of President, VicePresident, and Secretary until Friday, December 13th. 

o   As a reminder, you must be a paid member, in good standing, to vote.  One vote per paid member. 


We received a suggestion at the last meeting to do a Toy Drive for NBCH.  John and Marlene Carter posted a flyer on Facebook.  I spoke with Ken Ferguson and they already have the kids covered for Christmas and he was concerned about giving too many presents.  Another recommendation was to do something nice for the house parents.  The month of December has been designated as "free weekends" for Marlin and Janet Hill.  They are getting the weekends off to do "date nights" and such.  John and Marlene agreed that it would be nice to take up a collection and offer to them as a gift from the club.  Ken was really excited about this option, so we will "pass the hat" and then purchase a Visa Gift Card for them to use as needed for their enjoyment. 

I want to appreciate John and Marlene for taking this on and getting it started.  I believe this will be well received with our members as well as the parents at NBCH.



We are very excited about our final event and I just gotconfirmation today that Matt Lane and his father will be entertaining us withmusic after the dinner (health and weather permitting). 

See you all soon,




December 2, 2013 at 11:14 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Sign-up for side dishes:

1. Banana Pudding - Carolyn Brown

2. Creamed Corn - Carolyn Brown

3. Meatballs - Carolyn Brown

4. Fruit Salad - Angela Norris

5. Macaroni and Cheese - Randy Putt

6. Peanut Oil - Rick England

7. Ham - Rick Terry

8. Chocolate Delight and Veggie Pizza - Jeff Cooper

9. Tater Salad - Phillip Walton

10. Pasta Salad - Jeremy Winslow




December 2, 2013 at 11:18 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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The wife and I, plus 2 kiddos will be there.  Will post up tonight after we have a chance to discuss what item we will bring


December 3, 2013 at 3:43 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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I'll provide the peanut oil and will have 3 people attending.
December 4, 2013 at 12:30 AM Flag Quote & Reply

Ghost Rider
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Hey rick just let me know when you want to meet up to get that turkey 479-427-9011
December 6, 2013 at 9:32 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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We will bring ham

December 7, 2013 at 4:46 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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me, Jee and the girls are coming (4 total).  We can bring Chocolate Delight and a Veggie Pizza.

December 9, 2013 at 1:32 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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My wife and I are coming.  I'm still trying to figure out if my daughter Anna is coming.  Apparently it's complicated.  

We'll bring Tater Salad.  

I don't go by Tater Salad but I know I guy who goes by Gator who just bagged a pig (don't be a Hater?).


'94 Jeep YJ 4.0L, 35" BFGs, Atlas 2 tcase, D44 front, 14b rear, detroit front, ARB rear, 4.56 gears, Warn winch, Onboard air, some rock rash. 


December 9, 2013 at 8:12 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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my wife and likely my 2 daughters wont' make it out, kinda cold for the little ones. I'll bring a pasta salad.


December 10, 2013 at 8:17 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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I will be unable to make it this year.  :(



95 Chevy Tahoe 2 door, 6.5L turbodiesel, 285/75R16 Kenda Klever M/T's on Toyota steelies, some other goodies.  Overlanding Fun

December 10, 2013 at 11:32 AM Flag Quote & Reply

Skip & Edie Powell
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I would like to meet the groop and ride this saturday... Can you give us locations to meet and what to bring to the dinner.... Thank you the Powells. 4 attending.

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  We will meet at McDonald’s at the Greenland exit(#58) south of Fayetteville at 10:00am. We will plan to depart at 10:45am. This will give everyone a chance to order lunch before we leave (lunchservice begins at 10:30am so we will need to be in line ready to order to makeour 10:45 departure time).  Check at the top of the page for all pertinent information.  The food list is above.  Bring whatever you think is missing to make a good dinner.  Look forward to meeting you.


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