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We discussed the idea of having chapters or affiliate clubs associated with our club at our July meeting.  Everyone seemed to like the idea of helping to start some other Christian 4x4 clubs.  At Crawl 4 Christ, Chris (Powered by Christ) expressed an interest in starting a club in the Memphis area.  At the time I told him we would help in any way we could.  Chis has since contacted me to see how we might help.  Chris likened it to church plants. 


I just wanted to post this here to see what other ideas people might have in how we can help start other clubs.  I sent Chris a detailed article about the logistics of starting a new club but wondered what other ways we could help.  For example we could let them use our website/forum until they have someone that could do their own.  I think it would help a new club just to have an active forum/website to use while trying to get organized.  We might even plan some wheeling events together to help get things going.  As new clubs are formed they can decide if they would like to be a chapter of our club or have their own name.



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I'm all for sharing the forum and web site, maybe have a "Memphis Members section of the forum.  But based on what you have found out we did wrong w/ starting the club.......they might not want our help.:D


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I think it would be a great asset if he could have this site  to direct prospects to and tell them that this is going to be simular to what our new club will have.  He can tell them that by having a mentoring club it can save of alot of the head aches involved in getting the club up and going.....  We can brow and build under the assistance of a developed program..:)  Just my 2 cents worth....


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