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So, has anyone that got one of the RTO  vouchers for 50% off used one? I was looking at the Black Diamond 3" with the 8 rock arms (forget the exact name they call them). The brand Superlift only offers a 2" puck  or 4" suspension lift...seems a waste of a voucher for the 2" or too tall. Just curious if anyone did something with them yet, and if they can be used on the BD stuff (since they own BD).


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I have one as well.  I called Superlift and it seems they hav recently sold the Black Diamond line and no longer sell it :( I think the Superlift brand sold as well about a year ago.  The guy was suprised there were any 50% off cupons still out there but said they would still honor them on Superlift brand lifts.

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well thats disappointing. 4" just seems too tall to me, why the 3" BD was more appealing.


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i dunno, they have a 2.5" spring kit now, would be really inexpensive with a discount I suppose. Now i'm thinking, meh, 1.5" more with rock arms etc, less work later to move up tire size...or stick LCG. I kinda like that idea. Of course, JK forum etc bash anything not AEV, so limited reviews on that 2.5 kit (came out early Nov)

and 4" would sooner require a new front driveshaft....hmm, I'll call and see if they will upgrade the shocks with the kit :) No experiance with thier brand shocks, but would rather have bilsteins I think.


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Is anyone running a 4" lift? (any brand)


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