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Congratulations to Chris W. our Rig of the Month winner for September.  After we drew for Rig of the Month I proposed changing the way ROM is determined.  I suggested that my purpose for Rig of the Month was to encourage club participation and after reviewing my original "rules"  I think we need to change them.  I don't think we should just draw a name from a hat.  If the intention is to encourage particapation then I think that is what we should reward.  We discussed at our last meeting that we would make a ROM calendar at the end of the year containing the previous years winners.  The more I thought about the rules the more I think to be fair we should award the rig of the month each month to the club member that has participated in the most club meetings and events during the previous 12 month period.  This ensures that those members would be the ones in the calendar.  Once someone is selected for Rig of the Month they cannot be selected again for a year and to be fair I don't think the club officers should be eligible since they pretty much have to be at most events.  I know those that are from out of town are greatly disadvantaged but we can still have other member rigs featured on our website for other reasons but this is what it will take to get your rig in the calendar.  Then the member with the most participation at the end of the year would be on the cover of the calendar or maybe be on our club business cards for the next year or something?  Everyone at the meeting voted for the change but I just wanted to give others a chance for comment.



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Don't be afraid to comment on this or offer your input!  Anyone and everyone is welcome.


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