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From my father-in-law that runs New Heights Christian School out here in Bentonville:



Hey, everyone. I wonder if you could help us out. We don't usually ask for help and we almost never ask for money....AND we aren't this time either. What we are asking you to do is round up some support for us with your friends and family. We are in a contest that could possibly garner our ministry some much needed financial support. The winner is determined by votes and gets $10,000....second place gets $5000 and there are 10 that get a thousand. It's easy to vote for us. Just go to the site below and vote. Email your acquaintances and ask them as well to do the same and who knows....without giving a penny, you could help us love God's kids.

Most don't know our needs but our roof leaks, we need to replace 4 windows, the siding has been waiting to be finished for 6 years now, a place in the floor by the front door is rotted out, our plumbing is failing, a door needs to be replaced, no guttering to divert the water away from the house, we have termite damage, soffet and facia boards have never been finished on the front and back of the house and there is electrical that is unfinished. And I don't know how much longer our home made septic tank will last. Not to mention we have debts. So we could use some money.

I know some might think we are getting our house fixed up in the name of the school but we have committed the place to the ministry for the next 99 years in the way of a lease, so this isn't for us....we just minister here and have room and utilities. Our service is donated. I don't say this for praise but to clarify the intent of our hearts. I know we have been nominated for the Home Makeover but there are no guarantees. We have a nice place so I hold out no expectations on this.....there are many who have greater needs and to be honest I like things the way they are....with a few repairs. But never the less, may God's will be done....after all, it's His place, not ours.

This is just a contest and a matter of numbers. How about mustering up your troupes and helping us? The site is




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