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About two months ago my wife and I brought home these two adorable kittens from my In-laws house. I’m not sure what breed they are, but they have gray, thick, medium length hair with white spots on their feet and around their chest and face.  Having over 15 cats and their kittens, my mother-in-law is well on her way to becoming the Cat Lady, all she needs now is a shopping cart, so we thought we would do our part and bring two home.  Before bringing them into our home, we checked them for fleas, and found a few, so we spayed them with a topical flea and tick killer, but waited a few weeks before we used the Front Line 30 day drops you put on the back of their necks. 

The first thing we found out was out 5 year old American Short Hair, named Bugsy, did not like them at all.  We tried to slowly introduce them by leaving the kittens in a large cage, located in our spare bedroom with the door closed for a couple days, so when she walked by she would only smell them, but couldnot see them.  Then after a couple days we opened the door so she could get a better whiff of their scent and also go into the room.  Best I recall, Bugsy never went into the room, and never really acted like she noticed them at all.  So then I moved the kittens to the diningroom, and it was here that most of our troubles began.

Bugsy at this point would not even walk by the cage to go down the hall.  To take her outside I had to carry her past the kittens as she would hiss and make other hateful noises.  By the way, Bugsy has been treated with Front Line for about five years now, and not now or ever had aproblem with fleas or ticks even though she has always been an indoor/outdoor cat.

The other problem, and the point to this post, is we started noticing fleas on the kittens and in our home. So like any other person, I had my wife go to Wal-Mart and buy some foggers to treat our home, and we also used the topical spray to kill the fleas on the kittens.  Our home is about 1200sq/ft and has seven rooms including the bathroom, so we got six cans of fogger.  Wal-Mart was about sold out of foggers so my wife could only get three cans of Raid brand and three cans of some other brand.  We had a church youth campout last weekend and decided that would be a good time to fog the house.  We put the kittens back in the large cage, set it on top of the outside/carport refrigerator, closed up the home, turned off the A/C unit, and fogged every room except the bathroom, but left the door open, and left for the lake.

When we got home a day and a half later, our home smelled very heavy of insecticide, and we did the normal open the windows and put a fan exhausting the fumes from our home while we vacuumed every room twice, and then took said fleas and dirt outside and burned it using lighter fluid.  We also treated the kittens with topical spray again, and put Front Line drops on them.

That night we found adult fleas jumping on us and the kittens.  They were even walking right through where the 30 day drops had been placed on the back of the kitten’s necks.  This was Saturday night, so we thought we would treat the home again while we were at church on Sunday, and repeated the above process again.

Sunday and Monday more adult fleas in the home and on the kittens, but still none on Bugsy.  So Tuesday when we were leaving for the day, we repeated the process again, this time buying the foggers from a local lumber yard, and this time it was Raid brand.  I also bought some premixed spray that goes in a pump sprayer, and when I got home that evening I sprayed the complete house, all the furniture, under it and behind it, inside and out. 

Wednesday night, MORE ADULT FLEAS, so I repeated the entire process again on Thursday and Friday, but this time I figured we had vacuumed the house enough, and thought if we don’t vacuum, it might allow the spray and fogger to penetrate deeper into the carpets.  This time, we also fogged the basement and attic, using a total on 16 cans of fogger each time.  The only other difference is since I had bought out both Wal-Mart and the lumber yard, I went to Hirsch’s farm and feed store and bought Enforcer brand Flea Spray for Homes, both foggers and premixed spray for a pump sprayer.  It is labeled Flea Growth Regulator and is supposed to kill Adult fleas, their eggs and larvae,and also keep any more hatches from growing into adults so they can not lay anymore eggs.

Guess what.  At the writing of this post I have picked about 10 fleas, adult and young off my legs,and instead of smashing them like before, I have them secured in clear tape so they can be seen, but cannot get out.  My plan now it to do this with all the fleas I catch and move into psychological warfare by leaving the taped fleas laying around the house so the others can see what I have done to them.  Hoping this will scare them into retreat, and move them on to my neighbor’s house.  Next move with be to blast them with some sort of old opera or classical type music at eardrum splitting levels to keep them from sleeping to try to wear them down that way.



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LOL! Death to the fleas :mad:

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Any more of that fogger and the pilot light on the h2o haeter will ignite and BOOM>>> no more fleas.....


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