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A week ago today, Dave and Nona from Ohio came down to visit Bob and Karen, and also to help Bob get his winters wood in.  Bob normally burns about 15-20 rank of wood in the Hardy Outside furnace Auga and I gave him.  The two very nice things about it is that the fire is outside, so there is no fire hazard inside, and it also heats his hot water, using the water heater tank for storage.  So this really cuts down on utility bills in the shop.

Thursday after cutting and stacking two loads of wood, we really did not feel like working in the shop.  The first few loads always seem to do this.  Once back in shape, it's cut, load, haul, stack, and keep going all day.  So after getting all gassed out, we decided to take a little field trip, so Bob called his friend Jim Howell. 

Jim is a parttime logger and a fulltime horse trader. Having grown up in the log woods, and using horses to skid logs most of his young life, horses are his first nature, and being human only comes in second.  Jim is the type of guy that can leave his house in the morning with empty pockets and a single horse in his trailer, be gone all day and come home at dusk with 8-10 horses and a pocket full of cash, having traded more than 20 horses, some of them twice, and call this a productive day.  Without any further adieu, this is Jim Howell...

Of his many horses this is his yongest pulling horse, Cedar.  She goes about 1200 lbs and the sled she is standing on is about 2000 lbs.

Amos also grew up in the log woods, and skidded logs for many years.  His best times were at the truck pulling them up onto the bed.  Amos is a bit camera shy, it could be due to him being grossly overweight right now, so I didn't get any good shots of Amos, his 25 year, so here is Amos looking under Ceadar's head.

Here they are all teamed up with two sleds and us going for a joyride.  Guess who had to sit on the back sled.  Total weight behind the two Halflingers is about 3500 lbs.  Even with that weight, they pulled us all over the place.  Notice there are no wheels on that thing, and that is good ole Missouri rock they are working with.  Sitting in the back, at times I could see sparks comeing from under the first sled.

Jim was getting ready for a hosre pull at Timber Fest in Ripley County.  Even though his horses were not in tip top shape, they did quite well pulling over 4000 lbs to a full pull of 12 feet.  The next round it was 4500 lbs and whiel they would have pulled their guts out for Jim, he didn't even go for his third and final try, taking second place.  First place went to a team trained by Jim and driven by his brother.

While not in Amos, and Cedar's class, this team of draft horses were  largest ones there for the event.  First one went 2050 lbs and the second a mere 2077 lbs.

I was not able to shoot any pictures during the pulls as it was after dust and too dark to take them.  While some of you were wheeling it up at Superlift, we took our adventure down a different path.  To see the rest of the images follow this link

Thaks for reading,

God Bless.


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Great pictures Jason, and I always enjoy your storytelling.  Thanks for sharing.

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Cool!!!!   I don't want to hook my jeep up against them.  I might get embarrassed.....:)


David Austin

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