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what kinds of music do you listen too  genre favorite artist  that type of stuff



i like christian rock audio adrinaline,disciple skillet  and classic country charlie daniels jonny horton not the crying in my beer stuff though

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Contemporary Christian is what I listen to the most.  Occasional country but mostly older classic stuff.  I like a lot of the Christian Rock stuff and plan to go to Winter Jam in March.  Found a group on the Winter Jam site called Fireflight.  Have you herd them?  They sound pretty good.

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yea i like fireflight there good


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My radio generally sits on the country stations.  I just haven't been able to get into contemporary Christian rock.   l like some of it, but mostly it just doesn't sound right to me.  Now if I pop in a CD, it's generally acapella Christian music.  It's hard to beat the blending of human voices in superb harmony.



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I like all music really. I really like Skillet. The new Awake album is awesome!


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i like castin crowns or anything of that category . i also like soe new country but mainly classic country too.


may God bless you

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I like the heavier stuff with the real "chunky" guitars and crazy double bass drum.  :)

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I listent to A LOT of different kinds of music.  I like just about anything except country, rap, pop, punk and any radio songs that get played 15 times a day.


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Country, some christian, and some old school rap like from the 80's.


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