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I don't know if anyone is interested or not, but I'm going to be doing some work under the hood of my truck.  I thought I might post a few words, maybe some pics, and give some info if anyone want to read/see.  I know it's not 4x4 related, but it is a hot rod V8. 

After a tight wrap of about 7,500-8,000 RPM a small block chevy usually won't hold up.  I KNOW!
I have spun a rod bearing on my motor, so I pulled it and am having it rebuilt.  So while it's out I thought I would clean up some wiring, and paint the frame and cross member of my truck.

Someone before me wrapped the entire wiring harness, from the firewall to the headlights, in good 'ole electrical tape.  (cause we all know electrical tape is the same as wire loom)  So I pulled about 100' of electrical tape off of the wiring harness last night, and pulled the inner fenders to prep of some new paint.  The harness itself looks to be in good shape, but some connections are held together with WIRE NUTS.  An hour or two with the soddering gun and some shrink tape will cure that problem.  



1981 CJ-7, 44's, Locked F/R, 4.56, Stretched on Beadlocked 37"s.

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just saw this post.. how'd everything turn out?(pics) Love the 67-72 GM trucks..,

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Cheyenne? Swb? Those are sweet trucks. Would love a 72 short wide 4x4 in orange and white.


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-Allen C Wendling

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This is a picture of the truck I'm doing the work on.




Here is a shot of the the engine bay before motor failure.  YUCK!




Here is a few pictures of the engine bay as of today minus the motor.  Might buy a new master cylinder, but I hate bleeding brakes!  Might also invest in a new heater core, but I don't drive in unless it's perfect outside.







The motor will be painted a nice silver/grey color (about the same color as the headers) and detailed up a little with some goodies.  Not a lot, but some nice simple touches.  I just got in some Taylor 8mm blue plug wire that are as close to a color match of the truck as I'm going to get.  I'm going to have the cam degree'd in a little, which will give me a little more low end HP I hope.  The guy building the motor told me it should make around 450 HP & close to the same in torque.....should be enough to pull it around the block. 



1981 CJ-7, 44's, Locked F/R, 4.56, Stretched on Beadlocked 37"s.

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sounds fun.. and looks good too.. had a 67 shortwide for a little while.. loved it.

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