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Have never been, read lots of accounts about it and heard lots of stories about the unfriendly conditions of the trail. I have been to the western exit of the trail at the old Pandora mine near Telluride, CO. I think I'm going to be making the trip in early August. Will be meeting another Jeep from Colorado and one from New Mexico who has made a few trips over the trail. Black Bear is only open about two months a year because of the large snow drifts.

My best friend and wife will not be making the trip as she is not fond of shelf roads above the tree line.


Looking forward to running again this fall with CC 4X4 at Buck Horn and Cass.



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sounds fun take lots of pics



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My buddy Matt just got back from a road trip to Colorado.  He took his stock Nissan Pathfinder over Engineer Pass, which is fairly tame in the off-road world.

I decided to look up Engineer Pass on YouTube.  Pretty cool.  That led me to some videos of Black Bear Pass.  Wow!  I don't think I could ever do that!  I'm too scared of heights.  I've driven up the Pike's Peak road, which is like an interstate highway compared to Black Bear, and even that road made me nervous.

You should check out some of the videos of Black Bear Pass on's pretty amazing.

If you're not afraid of heights, you'll love it.



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I survived Black Bear. Walked out the Steps before I attempted to drive it. Will have pictures in a week or two to post. While in Colorado I did Mt. Antero near Buena Vista, Imogene Pass, Engineer Pass and a few trails between Lake City and Silverton. Saw lots of Jeeps from the Mile High club out of Denver.


Just Jeepin



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There is NO WAY I would do the Black Bear!  That's crazy stuff right there! :o I'll stay below the tree line thank you very much.

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