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Saw this posted on the Arkansas Crawlers website!  Wow!



The Wainwright Family would like to formally invite you on our ACUA 2011 family vacation! This vacation has been thought about, talked about and prayed about for weeks. Try convincing your wife to let friends and strangers crash your two week vacation! I have a great wife whom I love dearly! This will be a vacation of a lifetime for some. Special thanks to John Ward who put up with my son and I on the Reno trip. It was after lengthy discussions while driving that this trip started to take shape. Atfer many discussions with fellow AC members, I have come up with a tentative schedule.

We will meet in Reno, NV the morning of June 6th!

June 6 & 7 we will run the Rubicon Trail. We will campout on the trail the night of the 6th.

June 8 & 9 we will run the Sierra Trek Trail, camping out the 8th.

June 10th we will go to the ORI park, where the Reno Stampede was held.

June 12th we will meet in Moab, UT where we will stay for three days wheeling.

June 15th we will meet in Durango, CO and wheel some more.

June 18th head back to Arkansas!

Being a "Wainwright Vacation" there are obviously rules that will be adhered to. If you don't like that I would refer you to rule #2!

Rule #1 This is a family oriented vacation! There will be kids on our ACUA 2011. If you don't like being around kids, stay home. We will be doing other family activities other than wheeling on this trip.

Rule #2 NO WHINING! Stay home!

Rule #3 NO Alcohol or Foul language

Rule #4 You and your Rig be self sustaining! No bums allowed!

There will be a meeting on 10/2/10 @ 6pm in my campsite for all who want more info.

You may call me if you like 501-230-9326.

Please don't post on this thread. There will be a thread started under the Members BS section for comments.


It's a family thing! "


Check it out at


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HOLY COW!!!  Thats a marathon run for sure.  C.J. was telling me about this when we were at Superlift. 

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