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8 JK's all stacked up...  We were asked if we were a JK only club.

Thanks to Allen for all of the GREAT pictures.

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Yeah, this seems to be turning into the JK club!  :mad:





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Actually we had nine JK's there.  Jeff had to leave before we got around to the picture!  In a club that is now 30% JK's I would still think it very strange that's the only 4x4's that made it to this run, of course on the other side of the coin there was not one JK represented at the Clayton run held the same day :(

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There are some more easier trails being cut at Green Acres in Clayton.  I don't know that I would try the harder stuff though unless your locked front and rear, have  heavy duty steering, oil pan skid, tranny and t-case skid, gas tank skid, good tires(all terrains won't cut it), and most importantly a winch.   Freilings though from what I here has more easier stuff than hard stuff and is just about 15-20 miles on down the road from Clayton.


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I agree that location has a lot to do with rig type.  While I would love to do Slim's Slope or Green Mamba Extension, (and eventually will), I've still got to drive home!!!  Just got to get armored up right and buy a trailer, just in case:roll:.  Was weird that it was ALL 4 doors though.   At the last meeting we had 10 4 doors and 1 TJ I think, but that makes more sense cause the guys with the serious crawlers CAN'T drive them to Tim's;).   I really believe the 4 doors have re-energized the family aspect of owning a jeep and are allowing a lot more people exposure to off roading.  For guys like myself who could not install a locker to save my life, the capabilities of the Rubicon right off the sales floor have enabled my family to boldly (sometimes timidly) go where we would never have imagined we could go in the great outdoors, and allowed us to meet a lot of great folks in the process!


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86 zuk
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Man!!! were did all the JK's come from. Thought we had 3 or 4 in the club not 10 man i need to get to a meeting soon


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We've done a lot of growing this year as a club.  We've had three new members just this month!  We are now at about 45 paid mamberships more than double what we had last year!  We actually have 13 JK's now but we also have about 10 big rigs and a lot of other rigs as well!  God continues to bless our club. 

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I am so thrill with the growth of your club.  And yes the JKs are the fastest growing sector of trail rigs and where alot of the aftermarket vendors are turning their attention,  but the CJs, Yjs and TJs will continue to live on forever.....:D


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