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Can you run a different ring and pinion in the front axle as long as you don't engage the front axle?  The reason I ask is that I'm thinking about swapping in a Rubicon Dana 44 in the rear that has 5.13 gears.  I think I could swap the axle assembly myself but I can't do the gear install in my front axle so could I swap out the rear axle then drive it to the mechanic to swap out my front ring and pinion?  Just trying to save some labor cost.

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pretty sure you can't do that.  You may just pull the front driveshaft and get away with it but still not sure on that.


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Like Justin said, if you pull the front driveshaft, you'll be fine to do as you want.  You could leave the front driveshaft in, but if you accidentally engage 4WD, bad things will happen, and you'll have more to fix!  It's not worth trying.

5.13 gears sound pretty low.  Are you sure you want to go that low?  Highway cruising will suffer, but off-road capabilities will increase.



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I don't really want to go that low, but it would be better than the 3.73's I have now with these 35" tires wouldn't it? 

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Well, after doing a quick search, it seems that 5.13's are quite recommended for the JK's and 35" tires, since they use the 3.8L V-6 that needs to rev higher to get into the powerband.  This might actually be a good fit...

I'm used to dealing with the in-line 4 and 6 cylinder engines that don't need to rev so high to find the power.

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I am researching my upgrades; and what I have learned is that with 35" tires, a 4.88 gear works for a manual; 5.13 for the auto transmission for the JKs

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i did have 4.10 with 35 tires but everytime i came to a incline my jeep would dog out and my rpms would always jump, but since i put 5.13 with 35s i do not have that problem now

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As I am planning to re-gear as well, I've spent a lot of time on the forums and websites and I've settled on 5.13's, even going to 37's, according to the gearing charts.  The only negative I've heard has something to do with the smaller pinion head of the 5.13's being subject to breakage, but I don't know if that has to do with the higher rpm's with highway driving or the excess torque crawling.


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If you do not put it in 4x4 it will not matter what gears are where, but if you lock in the 4x4 it will bind up the transcase and cause some damage, but to drive it around highway 2wd until you can get it to the shop it will be just fine.  If you wanted to be on the safe side you you didnt accidently engage 4x4 you could pull the front drive line, but I probably would be to lazy to do so.


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