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Dwight Ennis
Limited Member
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I went had the jeep aligned and wheels balanced and rotated... Before this the jeep was all over the road mostly when I would hit a bump.... Well it is a lot better now but now I have a shake in the front end like what they call the death wobble but not that bad... Plus it still wanders around a little bit is this normal for a lifted jeep plus with 33x12.50x15 mud tires.... Please help as I love my jeep but not so much the handling....

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Hey Dwight, nice to meet you at the shop on Saturday.  Tell us again what lift you have on your TJ? Are you running a steering stablizer of any kind? 

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Dwight Ennis
Limited Member
Posts: 232

I have no idea what lift it is and yes it has a steering stablizer

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Dwight Ennis
Limited Member
Posts: 232

I sent you a pm Randy

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What shop aligned it? All they did was set the toe unless you have the adjustment cams on your control arms. Your castor is probably off from the lift, that's normal, that's one thing that contributes to bump steer. This a tj? Yj? Are your wheelbearings tight? Ball joints tight? Don't trust an alignment shop to check this stuff very well, especially on a jeep. First thing to do is jack it up and check everything to see what is loose, if it has a dropped steering arm check that first, they usually work themselves loose, then the wheel bearings and ball joints. They may set too much toe too, should be zero
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Dwight Ennis
Limited Member
Posts: 232

Hey SuperD I sent you a message..... Thanks

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