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Not exactly a new place to wheel, in the sense I don't want this happening every day....  :D


On my way to Springdale a little while ago, I was driving down Old Wire Road south, where it is dirt. Somebody came flying around that blind corner as I was approaching, and I only had time to decide whether I wanted to let them hit me or go into the ditch. I chose the ditch before I even knew it was a choice. That thing is about 4 feet deep there, and my Jeep was basically sideways against the slope of that hill. I took a few seconds to self-assess and then opened my door to acquire a target. Found it, and she had her head stuck out the window saying something in Spanish, which was obviously positive, because I also got a thumbs-up and a wave as she drove away.


Excellent, I thought, as I tried to decide if my Jeep could manage to drive sideways up a four-foot embankment. I started the engine decided that trying to drive out in two wheel drive was pointless, shifted to four wheel high and moved forward and backward. Nothing. Four wheel drive was working, and I was moving, but trying to steer to the left in order to drive out of the ditch was not getting me anywhere, I kept sliding back into the ditch. I feared that my efforts were causing more erosion of the ditch, and while I am worried about the environmental impact of this, I was more worried that it was doing me no favors with regard to traction.


I eventually managed to move back and forth, slowly getting the front end of my Jeep pointed toward the road. Once I did this, I drove out with relative ease, and it only took maybe five minutes from the time I started trying until the time I was out.


Lessons I learned from this:

- No matter how nice you are to people, someone will cause you to run into a ditch and then drive off.

- There are at least three people who drive down that road that will look at you and your Jeep in a four foot deep ditch as they drive by with blank expressions on their faces.

- I am going to buy some more aggressive tires for my Jeep the next time I need tires.  Possibly a lift.

- Even with 235/75R15 street tires on my little Jeep, it will still do what I want it to. I'm never going to drive another vehicle. Ever.

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Glad you made it out....  I'm suprised the woman even stopped to look!  I've worked accidents in Springdale where people have fled THEIR OWN vehicles, WITH INJURED PASSENGERS STILL IN THE VEHICLE... 

welcome to Springdale, hope you have full coverage.


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Jeeps rock!!!  I was taking a guy home during the snow storm, he pointed to the left saying that was where he lived, so I turned, not knowing there was a three foot ditch that was leveled off with snow.  We bounced down, then right back up and out the other side.   My passenger was impressed:o

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