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We had a great time.

Darrell also had a problem with his front end. Darrell - did you find out what it is yet?

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mud diver at May 9, 2011 at 8:09 AM

it was great had plenty of people show up and had a great time got to play in a big mud hole. and dragged trailor the whole way, we only had one break and that was when branson tried to drive thru a hole bigger then his jeep. well the hole got his drivers front u joint on his axle. but i had a blast and i think the kids did too.

Well, not quite just the u-joint.  When I pulled the axle, the shaft was ruined.  The yoke was destroyed beyond repair.  Thanks to Randy, Shane, Rick, etc for breaking their JK's enough that there was a spare shaft laying around! 

As for the outing, it was great!  Thanks so much to everybody that was able to come out and help.  The Buckhorn trail was impassable.  A section of the mountain slid off during the recent rains, so it may be a while before it can be ran by anything other than 4 wheelers.  We ran what I call the Blackburn Trail.  I'm not sure of the actual name.  It's normally a pretty mild trail, but the rain made it a really nice run.  The rain exposed a lot of rocks that weren't a factor in the past.  We had to get creative a couple times to get around damage, but it was a good day.  The boys and dads from our church had a blast.  They want to do it again in the fall.  Thanks again!



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mud diver
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oh man sorry to hear that it broke that  bad. i had a great time and appriciate it. oh by the way cody the kid that was rideing with me left his hat in my jeep i have it so next time i run into you remind me so i cn give it to you to give back.

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