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I am not sure how many know this, but James started a website to sell offroad stuff. Evergreen Offroad

James does not make a big deal about it because he did not join the club in order to drum up business. He carries several lines - Currie, River Raiders, MCE, Hi-Lift, and has great deals. Should check him out - ask him for a quote

Anyway, I noticed that River Raiders came out with a new snorkel design which i am interested in. Snorkels also act like CAI if you did not know it. Anyway, while I was at it, I was going to put in a breather extention kit for the axles and trannys, to tie the breathers into the airbox.

The kit would cost about $40 if I were to buy it on my own. If anyone else was interested, we could do a group buy and drive the cost lower. FYI, this will make fording water safer. Is there anyone interested?

Here is what the snorkel looks like

Would even work with those nice flares some people have :)


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Wow!  River Raider just started shipping these, Ive been following it on JK Owners forum.  This is definately on my list.  I didn't think about the breather extensions but it makes since. 

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Yep, they've been on the market for two weeks.  The kit comes as a shorty but has the option to do the hardline kit above and also an 18" extension that can be swapped out based on your needs.

If I order 4 or more then the price really drops.  That's why it might be a good thing since we have a ton of JK's in the club.  This kit is currently available only for the JK.  River Raider is designing the TJ version but would not give me a release date.

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Looks like the shorty might interfere with the driving lights, but it's still pretty cool.  Might revise it to a mid-height to alleviate that issue.  Frankly if I got into water any deeper than the hood I'd be in trouble anyway.


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