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Well with all the talk of carbon credits and higher gas prices, I have decided to go green!  I just bought a new ZERO X electric trail bike!  Take a look at this bad boy

Built from the ground up for extraordinary handling, the fully electric Zero X uses a revolutionary powertrain to open up previously unthinkable trail riding possibilities. With instant torque from a standstill, no shifting and a low weight, the Zero X is a high performance electric motorcycle that pushes technical trail riding to ambitious new levels. Direct drive gearing and weight-optimized components combine to form a stealthy machine that aggressively races up hills, flies over jumps and cuts through streams.

A proprietary Z-Force™ lithium ion power pack and highly efficient motor are optimized to produce instant acceleration at the twist of your wrist. To extend ride times the aircraft grade aluminum Zero X frame is designed to accommodate quick power pack swaps.

Just tired of breaking stuff and not having the money for gas.  This way I can hit the trails every weekend if I want!

I'll probably sell the JK and get a Prius or something Hybrid.


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me too but mine has ac 


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Attila Okner
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if you really bought one..those things are sweet.......i went green with my LR with retreaded tires

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i wish i had one id have to take up golf just to see the looks


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I have thought about going sweet would it be to have a lime green painted 350SBC under the hood?


91 YJ, AMC 360, 33"x13.50" Swamper LTBs, QuadraJunk Trans Case, SOA lift, 4.5" lift springs,  4.88 gears, Spartan locker up front, 8.8 with discs in the rear, Rock Solid Fab Rock Rails

-Allen C Wendling

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