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Everyone please pray for all those in and around Joplin that were affected by the tornado that went through there last night.  Many have lost family and friends in this terrible storm.     

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We Be Rockin'
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It looks like Hiroshima.   Devastating.  Has anyone heard from Casey or have his number?


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i believe robert talked to casey sunday evening 


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I talked to Casey on Sunday him around 9ish.  He and family were fine.  He was in joplin looking for friends.  I have not tryied to get in touch sence then.

My Cousin lost the their house.  They were in the crawel space when the roof was ripped off.  I was up there to try to help on Monday.  It is bad.  I will try to post some picks.

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Thanks for thinking of us!  My house was out of the storm's path, however our electricity was knocked out Sunday night, and just restored a few hours ago.  Just now have been able to log on and check things out.

It is terrible up here.  My wife's parents lost their home, my wife's cousin and his wife lost their home, my wife's best friend and husband lost their home, as well as several other friends.  We also know of three friends who have lost their lives.

You just can't imagine the devasation that has occured.  It just goes on, and on.

We have spent the last two days cleaning out what belongings we can salvage.  My in-laws are staying with other family members for now.

Continued thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.


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mud diver
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Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys.
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Here's a link to some sobering pictures:

Joplin Tornado Destroys Lives

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Attila Okner
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I was right in front of the tornado when it hit 20th street...Home Depot demolished in front of my eyes. The Rover got some scratches from this storm..but that will buff out.

As soon as I got home...grabbed my dog and we went S.A.R. (eventhough she is not yet certified) and we help find one body...terrible scene guys...its a nightmare

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