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We Be Rockin'
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If you have a set of 4 or 5 of these sitting around, or know of someone who does, or even a good source for them,  let me know.  I'm looking at a set of 18 " tires and may need the wheels in the next 30 days.

Back spacing around 4.5 would be nice.

If the deal on the tires works out, I'll have a set of 17 x 9 soft 8's 5x5 to sell or trade.

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I might be interested in the soft 8's, let me know.

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If they are available (if Randy doesn't need them) i would be interested, and would trade my springs if you want them

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We Be Rockin'
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Actually maybe 4.5 backspacing may not be right.  WARNING:   IGNORANT QUESTION AHEAD:  with a 13.5 inch tire, would my backspacing, currently 4.5 with a 12" tire, need to go down to 3.75?  I've heard that for every 1" of tire width increase, backspace decreases 1/2"?


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