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We Be Rockin'
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After the delivery of nearly half a million petition signatures from American Family Association asking the Home Depot to remain neutral in the homosexual rights movement, Chairman Frank  Blake discounted the petitions and said that Home Depot will continue to maintain it's strong committment to Diversity and Inclusion.  Of course, taking a stance encouraging a deviant lifestyle can hardly be called supporting diversity, and it's unfortunate HD has lost sight of what real diversity means.  We are all sinners in God's eye's, all equally guilty. 

Home Depot petitionsdelivered - see their responseJune 6, 2011



Dear Larry,

On Thursday,June 3, American Family Association delivered 474,161 petition signatures toHome Depot chairman Frank Blake. AFA also addressed the board of directors andshareholders during their annual meeting.

AFAVice-president Buddy Smith appealed to Chairman Blake to review Home Depot'sextensive support for homosexual activism and direct the company towardneutrality in the culture war.

ChairmanBlake quickly discounted the petitions by reaffirming Home Depot's commitmentto dedicating corporate resources to groups who advocate gay marriage and theadvancement of homosexuality and transgenderism.

In part,Chairman Blake said, "I hope all of our shareholders understand that we'rea company that respects the diversity of our associates, our customers, and thecommunities where we do business." Listen to his full reply here.

Home Depotis sponsoring "Southern Maine Pride" in Portland, Maine next weekend.Last year, Home Depot set up a Kid's Workshop booth at the event. Children wereexposed to "drag queens," nudity, and other homosexual activities.

AFA ispromoting a boycott of Home Depot until it agrees to remain neutral in thehomosexual culture war.


1. Print theAFAPass Along Sheet for friends, neighbors and Sunday Schoolmembers. This is a quick and easy way to share our concerns with others.

2. Post this alert to your Facebookpage and encourage others to sign the pledge.

3. Call your local store manager andpolitely let him know you are boycotting Home Depot. You can find your local store number here (click "storefinder").

4. Forward this alert toall your family and friends.

Please do y our part by letting HD know we won't let them spend our hard earned dollars to encourage children's participation in GAY PRIDE events, or any form of homosexual activism.

Stay strong in Christ!


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We Be Rockin'
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As we had discussed when this issue first came up, the only reason a company like Homo Depot would take a stance like this, aggressively promoting a lifestyle to which it's customer base does not significantly subscribe, is because there are people in positions of power that do.

After checking around, I spoke to someone that worked in the HD corporate office as recently as last year, and they assured me that the 3rd and 4th tier management levels are indeed saturated with homosexuals, both male and female.   They are doing everything they can to expand the deviant subculture throughout the company.

Time to mark HD off the shopping list.

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Thanks for keeping us informed on this issue, Larry.  I'm sorry that I have spent dollars there in the past, but no more.


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Wow a sad deal.  I have not been in there because of this posistion they have chosen to take.  Actually after shopping in Lowes and Ace more I have found they have better selections and nicer people.  Amazing how that works.


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