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Alright guys sorry it has taken me so long to get this on here, but I have been rather busy lately.  So in my opinion Iron Rock OffRoad is an awesome company.  Their customer service was awesome.  I ordered my kit online on May 30th, Memorial day when they were closed.  They had my kit shipped by Wed. June 1st, and I recieved it on Friday, June 3rd.  Best part of all, it was beautifully packaged, nothing was damaged, nothing was missing, the boxes didn't have any damage what so ever.  I give them an A+ on customer service and shipping.  I will start of by saying that this is my first lift install.  The instructions read very nicely and made the install easy, it went flawlessly.  I do recommend the use of a coil spring compressor.  I had a rather crummy one, but it works in a pinch.  I didn't need it for all the springs.  I did the rear lift on Friday night and then did the front lift throughout Saturday afternoon into Saturday night.  It wouldn't have taken so long except that it was really hot and I kept going inside to cool off and get some fluids.  The only problem I ran into was Saturday night, I was tired and didn't fully read instructions and I had a lil bit of trouble with the adjustable track bar.  I took a break and read the directions and the track bar went in no problem.  IRO also includes 3 decals with the lift.  There is a windsheild banner and then 2 smaller stickers.  I don't have any finished pics and I have yet to do much offroading in the WJ.  I give IRO an A+ on instructions, and quality of the product.  I would also highly recommend them to anyone looking for a lift.  I hope to be able to attend the trail run at Cass with the club in July and test the new lift.  I am including 2 links to picasa web for pics I have been able to take.

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Finally took some time to take some pics of the WJ with the IRO 3" lift fully installed.  Also removed the 4x4 badges from the left and right rear quarters.  I figured at this point it was pretty obvious.  : )

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Looks great!

I really love vehicles that aren't your typical lifted Wrangler.  I love real daily drivers with useful mods like this.


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Sweet looking ride!!! I called IRO the other day, will be ordering an adjustable front track bar, then a control arm kit after that. They were very helpful over the phone!
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Thanks guys.  Other than having to step up a little higher, watch the kids struggle to get in, and very minor body roll you can't tell it's there.  It rides very smoothly down the road and cruise 70+ on the bypass no problem.  I haven't even had the chance to take it to have an alignment done.  I eyeballed the track bar, used a measuring tape to set the toe, and adjusted the steering wheel so that it is fairly straight instead of being turned a 1/4 of a turn.  I am really itching to go wheelin, but I don't really know where and I don't want to have to drive very far.  I don't think I can hold out until the Club Trail Run in Cass in July.  David I know you won't be dissappointed with IRO.  

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