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I brought the sawzall, I have seen pics where a rig was backing off an obstacle and folded the exhaust under the axle. Brought it in case I needed to cut my exhaust, never thought I would be using it to cut on a brand new Rubi. After yesterday I will have it with me when I wheel. We had to go around a bad wash out and had to take down a couple of smaller trees. Fortunately I had my wood blades with me to. U-joint ears on the axle side failed also.
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I had a great time at Cass. For me it was my first time wheelin in my rig. Actually it was my first time driving to. My jeep exceeded my expectations. I am already looking forward to the next club run. It was great how everyone pulled together to help a fellow member when his axle shaft failed.
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Hey guys, looks like a great time.  Had to do a double take on Jeff's axle.  Wow.  That thing really let go.  Was it going over those big rocks from the previous picture?   If you guys need some new ball joints there are a couple of sets on JKOWNERS for $225 shipped.  Thread is "Poly Performance JK Ball Joints".  Good luck and if we're going to have an axle installing party at the shop let me know.  I can bring my giant FAN!!:)


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The more I think about it the upper ball joint had to have failed first causing the knuckle to drop binding the axle shaft and that caused the lower ball joint to be pushed completely out of the axle housing, the u joint and all the caps were intact when they hit the ground, the ears on both axle stubs were spread apart so far we would never had gotten them out without the sawzall, and never got that lower ball joint back in without the file on someones multi tool, was a great team effort, and Jeff did a great job and kept his cool about it all, he was my hands since I had a bum one.
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Looks like all that I busted on my rig is the steering stabilizer. The arm is bent and its leaking fluid. Good deal. Already have a replacement, and a relo bracket in the garage. Did not see the sense in changing it with a perfectly good one on the jeep.


I checked out the poly performance site last night, and ball joints there are $125 a side, upper and lower, or $250 for all 4. Price has gone down I think


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