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How many of ya'll have trail-only rigs that have to be trailered in?


How many of ya'll have dual-purpose rigs that you can drive to the trail and then drive back home?


I currently have a trail-only rig, but I'm getting tired of hauling it around.  I'd like to have a dual-purpose rig that I could also drive on public streets and forest roads.


What do you have, and what are the pros and cons of each that you've experienced?





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There is definitely a trend of people going to dual-purpose rigs. It started I think when gas prices started going up and finally spikeing at 4.00/gal.  Mine is one that is borderline I would say.  It will go 60-65 on the hwy, but it's pushing it with the little 4 cyl and big, heavy 36s.

And unless you are getting real serious, I think anything on 33s to 36s is plenty.  I've seen these guys do amazing things with lockers and 33s and then drive it home.... time after time.

Cons of a dual purpose is that you will have to sacrafice on one side or the other... generally, better street manners means less off-road capability.  Better off-roading can mean poor gas mileage and a harsher ride on the street.


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I'm leaning towards dual-purpose, especially since I sold my Jeep tonight!!  See my my posts in the For Sale section for more info on that.


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I trailer mine.  Dual purpose would be nice but it would be difficult and really exspensive to build a extreme rig and still daily drive it.   That being said I bought my Jeep and trailer when I had a company truck to drive and got them paid for before the kids came along.  Now I just have to make a truck payment and money for  parts when I need them. 


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If mine was tagged and insured, it would be dual purpose...Would love to have a purpose built trailer rig but not at this time.

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I currently own what could be a dual purpose rig, it's just low on power. (the ol'4 cyl.)  It actually does decent on the highway but I have a truck and trailer so I just haul.  I have an itch to build something closer to the center of the two options.....


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I saw this

lifted Tahoe....good stance

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This is a Suburban that drove to Crawl 4 Christ last year from Texas.  I think it was a family of five!


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