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Ok, my jeep is my daily driver,  I am currently running 35 MT'S, I drive about 18,000 a year, I have only had the 35's for about 18 months and two of them will need to be replaced soon.  I don't want to be spending $1200+ every 18 months to keep 35's on my jeep.

That said I'm considering two options:

1) buy a good set of wheels and 35" AT tires, and run them except when I'm wheeling.  Still running expensive 35" tires just a tread that should last twice as long

2) buy a set of LT255 75 17" BFG MT's and wheels of a Rubicon that someone took off to upgrade and run them for my daily driving.  This would be the cheapest solution ($600 - $800) but I would be running 32's on the highway and then have my 35's for offroad.  The 32's would be a lot cheaper to keep and probably give me better gas mileage, might go to an AT in these at some point to get even better wear.

I really don't like the hassle of swaping tires before I go offroad but I only go about once a month and if I was doing an overlanding trip the 32's would be fine for those trails.  What do you think?


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I have often thought, for a daily driver, that two sets of tires would be the ultimate solution.  Yes, the aggressive mud-terrain style of tires work wonderfully off road, but definitely don't last long on the highway.  All-terrains last longer on highway, but don't grip well off road.  I think it's a wonderful idea.

As far as the 32 vs 35's go....only you can really answer that question.  Didn't you regear to compensate for the larger tires?  Will dropping down to 32's make the engine rev a bit too high?  And (most importantly :) ) will you be happy with 32's on your Jeep most of the time?  After getting used to the 35's, the 32's may look a bit funny on there....


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If I ever build my Tahoe into the daily driver/weekend wheeler that I want it to be, I was planning on two sets of tires for just that reason.  I can't justify expensive, aggressive tires for a vehicle that sees so much pavement during the week.  Besides, with an air compressor, impact wrench, and floor jack, it only takes a few minutes to swap out wheels/tires!  Just make sure your wheel studs and lug nuts are in good shape.

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I did this years ago when I had a jacked up Dodge truck.  I ran some BFG AT"s on the street and had some Swampers when I would go mudding and all I will say is it got old fast.  That is why when I bought my Jeep a few years later I bought an older one and got it paid for ASAP and then got a trailer and truck. 


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I went with one set in the end as there are mornings I wake up and just want to hit the trail. Like the weekend at Wheeling World with Larry, Justin, and yourself I had not planned to go ahead of time.


As far as the over reving, a procal or superchips will let you change tire sizes quick. Maybe something like a Toyo Open Country MT with silica in the rubber would work for you.  They wear better.

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I'm thinking the same thing... My tires too are just over a year old and are balding faster than new G.I. at bootcamp...

I do agree with Casey about the jeep looking funny with 32's and a 4" lift. That is my same delima...

A lift, wheels, tires and stuff
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I'm on the same page, and frankly my AT's have worn a lot faster that I thought they would.  There's even places where chunks have just fallen out of the sides and slits have appeared for no reason:roll:   I know it will be a pain to change two sets out, but in the long run, longer wear from both pair. 

Randy, I don't know if I'd go 32's with 5.13's.

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