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Well, kids, I know it's been a long, very long time.  As we all know, tornadoes have done much damage everywhere this season.  Joplin MO is where I have deployed to with Convoy of Hope.  I'm just got home this past Thursday, July 1st, and am headed back up today for a day trip to work in their distribution center.

We've set up a website, to follow our efforts, the needs of the people up there, and our needs for funding.  My wife, Auga is doing carwashes in West Plains, and I do them in Joplin to try to stay in gas money for mobile distribution of ice, water, and food to the 1000s of workers, volunteers, and displaced families.

We have also set up grief support for the people to call, come to, and to tell their stories, get prayer, advice and other needs.

All of this comes with great expense, and we simply cannot do it on our own.  I have paypal buttons for donations on the site, and only ask for people to prayerfully consider how they might continue to support the Rebirth of Joplin.

The CJ, well it sits looking just like it did in the last images posted on here.  I've over $5,000 in it, the FSJ, parts, paint and tires.  More like $6,000 or more if y wife tells the story.  I need to sell it to continue our efforts in Joplin.

I am aware times are tough for all, but imagine if you will, going home tonight and everything you own, from teh foundation to the roof and all contents are gone forever.  They've blown off into the next cuonty and are ripped into pieces smaller than a #2 pencil.  Whe you are able to find, you have no place to store it, as all of your neighbors were effected the exact same way.  You can't go to your pastor to get this off your mind, he lost his church and tow of his family memebers.

I know I would need someone to lean on, someone to share my burden with, someone from the outside that came in to help and had no burden that might be worse than mine.

Friends, I am that man.  I'd sell everything I own to be able to help these folks, and I'd do it again and again.  Not only do they need asistance, but they are most apprecialtive when they get it.  No one has a hand out, saying "What are you going to do for me?"  If their hand is out it holds fruit, water, or something else to comfort you as you volunteer to help them.

My asking price for theCJ is $4,000 and is listed on at:

Even if you are not interested in the CJ, please pray that someone that is comes along so we can conitinue what we've set out to do.

May God bless you as He has already blessed me.




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