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Since we're sorta on the subject anyway...

What about the dinosaurs.  Supposedly they died out 60 million years ago.  But, if the earth is only around 6000 years old.......???

Could man and the dinosaurs have co-existed?

I suggest that we pick up our Bibles and read Job 40:15-24.  What is this Bohemoth?  Is it an elephant?  Hmmmm....I don't think an elephant has a tail like a cedar tree, vs. 17.

Now read Job 41:1-34.  What is this Leviathan?  Perhaps an alligator?  Well, an alligator doesn't stand tall, vs. 34, doesn't have underparts (belly) like sharp potsherds, vs. 30, and an alligator is stealthy unlike this creature, vs. 31.

And this definitely isn't a description of a hippo!  I mean, come on!



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God made land animals and man the same day. Dinosaurs would have been created the same time. However, they wouldnt have been meat eaters till after the fall of man. I think dinosaurs were on the ark, just young ones. Plus, god said two of each kind. There are estimated at only 50 kinds of dinosaurs.

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