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I am new to the CB world so I know very little about it. I am trying to piece together a system for my WJ. I am looking at the cobra 75 WX ST. I Believe this is the same cb that Randy is using, I like it b/c there isn't a good place to mount a cb in my WJ and with it being a remote mount I can just disconnect the transceiver when not in use. I have found an antenna mount that will work. I need advice on the antenna itself though. What brand/length should I run? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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 If the CB is a 50 Ohm unit you'll need an 18' cable to keep the system in its proper resistance range.  I've broken many antennas on the trail but I've found that a spring base and a Wilson 3' fiberglass (thin) antenna with an adjustable wire tip works well and holds up well on the trail.  The adjustable tip lets you tune the antenna for best performance, all you need is a swr meter.  Wilson antennas are very common and high quality.  I've had the thicker fiberglass antennas on a spring mount but eventually they break.  If you get an antenna with an adjustable tip be sure to use a tape or a zip tie to secure the cap on, you need it to protect the tip and trees are always trying to rip it off. 

Big truckstops are a good place to get this equipment...


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I run a 3' firestik on mine, first determine where you are gonna mount it and make sure it's at least 4-6" taller than your roof line, also the farther away from metal the better, you'll get better reception & output power.

I have never in my 42 years seen a broken firestik, they would make a good weapon if the need arises, also the cap will not come off until you really want it off and even then it will take some doing


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pilot in springdale has a lot of stuff to choose from


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x2 on the firestick


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