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Since I got into this past time just recently my JK is the only one I have actually had offroad.  I have owned a Subaru Brat, IH Scout, an old CJ that came with some property I once bought, and three different Isuzu Troopers.


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I started with an '02 S-10 ZR2 (3" taller and 3" wider than a regular S10) It had 31" Trxus M/Ts, limited slip rear.

Then had an 83 Ranger with Dana 30/35 and on 33s.

Now the Toy.  That's all I've had.  I was into muscle cars and street rods before off-roading and had a '71 Ford Torino, a '72 Monte Carlo, and a '48 Chevy 2 door coupe.

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3 two chevy trucks and 1 jeep.  (Unless you count farm some of that stuck real bad at diff. times.)


1990 YJ......... almost stock

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My first 4x4 was an '86 Chevy K10 w/6.2L diesel (of course).  My next was a '94 YJ that was all stock, but I never wheeled it at all, then I got my Tahoe, and I've only wheeled it once.  I didn't get serious about 4 wheeling until I got a Polaris 350 Trail Boss.  That got me hooked on off-roading, and then a buddy convinced me to get a real vehicle, and that's when I built my '93 ZJ.  Been hooked on it ever since.

Now I'm ready to have a dual-purpose vehicle.



95 Chevy Tahoe 2 door, 6.5L turbodiesel, 285/75R16 Kenda Klever M/T's on Toyota steelies, some other goodies.  Overlanding Fun

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Our family grew up with a 58' M38A1, surprised we are all still alive because it didn't have a roll cage and came close to rolling it a bunch of times. We used this for a long time, then after blowing the motor a couple of times, decided to upgrade to something a little more highway friendly - YJ. Got a good deal on a 4cyl, but couldn't stand it for what we were doing and dropped in a v8. We moved out here and went to Disney a couple of times, added another family member,  and ended up with a 98' xj.

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In high school I played in a 86 K5, w/ a 4 inch lift. Basically just mudded it though. Then I bought a 97 XJ, locked F/R, w/ a 6.5" lift, and 33"s (Justin LaHue's rig now), then at a Jeep Games I saw her.....the prettiest girl at the ball. I had to have her! So.....I traded the XJ, for the CJ! And I have never looked back. Don't get me wrong I liked the XJ, but I LOVE the CJ.

1981 CJ-7, 44's, Locked F/R, 4.56, Stretched on Beadlocked 37"s.

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I owned a 95 Dodge with 6 inches of lift and a 97 Dodge with 8 inches of lift both were just mudded and mainly I just liked driving jacked up trucks. (Still would if I could afford it).  Then about 8 yrs. ago I bought my TJ while working in Springdale and the rest is history.


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I have had a 85 Ford F150 4x4, an 89 Ford F250....both stock 4x4's


2000 Cherokee and 73 Bronco



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Well this will put my thinker to work.  Although most everything has had Jeep on the front with a few exceptions of taking some of the old Chevy Pickups out before taking them apart.  I did have a D/D for a while that was one of the little Dodge Raiders that I took out a few times.  Then about everykind of a jeep configureration you can imigine.  But for the most part:  I ran a 78 CJ with 350 engine, 465 tranny, np 205 TC for about 8 years with 4:56 gears and detroit lockers and verious type and sizes of tire as it grew.  Then came the INCIDENT may "Old Yeller RIP."

Then the motor, tranny. TC found its way into the new BIG YELLER sitting on Rockwells and $$" TSL's.  That is until just recently where a new built 350 engine and TB 350 tranny hooked up to a Klune V mated to the old original np 205.  Yep, thats all that is left of the OLD YELLER.   That is proabaly the way it will still be still at the Crawl 4 Christ unless I get real ambitious and start installing the rear steer that I have rounded up.

Guess you would have to say mine are usually a configuration of many donations from many different kinds of vehicles and aftermarket parts.  


David Austin

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Wow Dave, you had a Raider too!  I forgot I once owned one of those as well, never wheeled it though.

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'78 Ford 3/4 ton, '85 CJ-7, '81 CJ-7, '88 Ford Ranger, '04 Chevy, '05 Ford Super Duty, '08 Jeep Wrangler JK.  Yep, I really wheeled the newer trucks too!  Hard to get much trade in when all the paint is scratched off, but it was a lot of fun.  My '08 JK looks like it has a custom flame job on the doors and hood with all the white scratches! 

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