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It's new... It's cool... and it's here!


When the BRC Board of Directors revised our Strategic Plan, one of the top goals they established was to "Provide information and support to educate the community on access issues, and to energize effective participation in preserving access across the United States."  This strategic directive is a reinforcement of the fundamental ideal of what the BlueRibbon Coalition is-and has always been-about.  We believe that the most valuable tool you can have is information, and that nothing is more powerful in affecting the legislative, administrative, or legal processes than informed grassroots enthusiasts in motion.


Earlier this summer, I announced that we were stepping out of our comfort zone to up our online game once again.  This time, we have made the bold move to integrate both our online digital magazine and our website into a single, dynamically updated resource for information and action on the issues that affect recreation.  Since it replaces both our existing website and digital magazine, we are calling it a "webzine."


It is a fast paced world we live in and, with the technology of today; it doesn't make sense to have to wait for information.  Not only does the software and layout we are using make it faster loading on computers and smart-phones alike, it is easier to read.  We will be working overtime to bring you the information you need--while it is timely.  Instead of waiting for a magazine to come out once a month, we are going to dish it out-while it is happening-story by story.  And, if you prefer, you can also get it "to go" by just subscribing to our robust RSS feed through a widget on your smart-phone, a tablet device or an RSS reader on your lap-top computer.  The link to the RSS feed is


Check it out now at:


In keeping with our commitment to stay out ahead of the curve, in the coming months we will be continually improving the webzine, not only with added content and information, but with things like a parallel mobile site, better social network integration, and much, much more.


One thing we haven't done yet is name it and that is because we think that-since it is paid for by BRC membership support-members should get to have a say in what we call it.  So, in the coming months, we are going to have some exciting ways in which you can participate to help us name the new online webzine.  Stay tuned.


Thank you for your continued membership in BRC.  As an organization, we are listening, and this is just one more way we are putting your support to work to protect your access!


Make it a great rest of the week,


Greg Mumm

Executive Director

BlueRibbon Coalition

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