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arveetek at October 6, 2011 at 7:28 PM

SuperD at October 5, 2011 at 10:50 AM

8.8's are still c-clip axles, why replace a c-clip with another c-clip style, money better spent elswhere IMO.

you do realize you will be adding 500-800# to the drivetrain, gonna take some seriously stiff rate coils to support all that weight and be streetable, possibly coilovers if you want to wheel it.

 a 700r4 & transfer case will be much longer overall messing up your shaft angles and lengths, may have to stretch the wheelbase a bit or a large transfer case drop & a high pinion rear axle


What axles would you suggest for what I am proposing?  Any other suggestions?


Are you going to go full width or keep the tires under the jeep, if full width I'd just use the 14 bolt you allready have to save money and a junkyard Dana 50 or 60 up front, if you are staying stock width I'd use a pair of TJ 44's or the 8.8 in the rear, its not a bad axle I just don't like c-clips, after you spit an axle out you won't either. These would save you the trouble and expense of narrowing the housing and axles. I'd go with a manual tranny, much shorter overall package than any overdrive auto, probably a jeep 5 or 6 speed, a rubicon 6 speed and transfer case would be perfect, the SM 465 is an awesome tranny but heavy, nice and short but only 4 gears, not the best if you are going for high MPG. I keep several late model ball joint full width Dana 50's & 60's at any given time, let me know if you need one, heck I'll even let you borrow one for mock up if you need a visual aid. This sounds like a great project, if you can handle the profanity go to pirate and do some searching, if it has ever been done, and it has, someone there has done it. Good luck and keep us posted
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Thanks for the tips.  I'd like to stay stock width.  I also forgot to mention that is going to have to be a super low-budget build.  Funds are pretty short right now.  I just happen to have zero dollars in the engine I have now, due to buying a complete truck and parting it out.

Would a JK axle(s) be a good candidate?

The six speed / TC combo sounds great, but probably a bit out of my league right now.

I'll do some research on what I can do vs. what I can afford!  ;-)

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I measured the 700R4 core that I have.  It's only 1.5" longer than my current AX-5.  However, I don't have a transfer case that will bolt right up to the 700, either.  I may have to end up using an adapter.  That would increase overall length significantly.

I know I could find an NP208 that would bolt right up, but then the output would be on the wrong side....unless I swapped the front axle to a passenger side drop.

Would an NV241 out of a later model Chevy bolt up to the 700 without an extra adapter?  That would put my drop back to the driver's side.

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You would need a case with a 27 spline input, one that came from behind a TH 350 or 700r4, and you would need the factory adaptor also from the donor transmission, none bolt directly to an auto tranny. You could do a SYE to trim the overall length a bit but you are still pushing the limits for your 98" wheel base
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Ya personally I would be happy with a 1.5" longer drive shaft in my jeep right now.  Help with angles, but if you stretched you wheel base a little it would be nice to have the over drive.  This will be a neat build.


91 YJ, AMC 360, 33"x13.50" Swamper LTBs, QuadraJunk Trans Case, SOA lift, 4.5" lift springs,  4.88 gears, Spartan locker up front, 8.8 with discs in the rear, Rock Solid Fab Rock Rails

-Allen C Wendling

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