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I found a '97 TJ for sale locally.  It's a Sport model, has the 4.0L, 5 speed, A/C, soft top, all stock, w/124,000 miles.  Body is fair, interior is average.  The owner is asking $5500.

Whaddya think?  That seems pretty reasonable to me.  I've been looking for a while now, and most of the Jeeps that I can afford ($5500 or less) are either 4 cylinder models, or 6 cylinders with automatics, neither of which I want.  I had a 4 cylinder YJ, and I test drove a really slick YJ a few days ago with the 4 cylinder, and it ran out of "oomph" above 55 mph.  I could probably afford a lifted YJ with a 6 cylinder, but I'd really prefer a TJ with the coil springs.

What are your opinions?



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4.0....5 speed....not totally it now.  just my .02  Like you I've been watching the tj prices for a while and that seems like a good deal.  the only two weak points are the dana 35  and the sincros go out in the tranny.  the 35 can be upgraded fairly simply and if the tranny shifts good and doesn't pop out of gear, usually third, sounds good to me.  we are going to d day on sat if you get it.


1990 YJ......... almost stock

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D-day: I've got to work!  :(  And it's even my birthday!!  :(

Time has been short these past few weeks...

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Call in sick!!!!  lol

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Well, I decided to pass on this one.  I drove it last night, and it was OK, but nothing spectacular.  The engine ran good, tranny shifted fine, and the A/C was cold.  The interior was average.  The hood had hail damage, and the soft top was pretty worn and about to fall apart.  It had tires with decent tread, but it shook and shimmied pretty bad.  It would need new tires (which I would want to go with larger ones anyway).  However, the guy wouldn't budge off his $5500 asking price.  I would have gone for it if I had a few more dollars, but I wouldn't have had any money left over for tires.  I tried to negotiate him down enough to where I could afford the tires, but he just wouldn't budge.  He said he had a lot of lookers, but no offers.  That should have told him something.


If anyone else is interested, I can pass on his contact info.  Jeep is in Neosho, MO.




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