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In a 4 wheel drive vehicle traveling 65 mph at night what are the indicators the front drive line is about to explode and what will be the related carnage?  





Well lets just say I know the answer all too well after my trip home from the meeting tonite.  I can state for a fact  that when the front end of the front driveline comes loose  and sticks in the pavement its quite a ride.  I don't know where it came apart but the front half of the dl , the slip yoke and the u joint  are MIA.  The stupid thing is the u bolts that hold the ujoint in place are still there.  As far as the damage I have a dl (what's left) that's shaped like a j, a torn though exaust and the ps belt was knocked off and lodged behing the harmonic balancer.(which i might add makes a lot of smoke)  As far as the sparks and the fire works you would have just to had been there!!





1990 YJ......... almost stock

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Wow!  Glad ya'll are alright!  Can't say I've had that happen before!

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Jeep or Truck

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Oh man!  You are OK right?  Does this mean you'll miss D-day?

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Jeep.  And nope I'm coming.  HAve a spare dl and going to the muffler shop this am to get a peice made.  should be there baring any un forseen carnage.


1990 YJ......... almost stock

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