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Well, our original thought was to scout an off-road pre-run to the Summit.  This was if it was still to be held at Mulberry Mountain.  Since the venue has changed to the Barn on the Buffalo I'm not sure we will still do this, or maybe we will start somewhere other than Natural Dam.  At any rate it was a great day to get out and enjoy all that the Ozarks have to offer.  


We started out with a big breakfast at a little cafe at Natural Dam, AR then started heading east, northeast from there.  

Once we got off the forest service roads the trail got a little more challenging, narrow,

big ruts,

some pretty steep uphill

and downhill runs,

even some mud, if you can believe that with the DRY fall we have had.  

This was all within the first two hours of the trip!  Mark and I both questioned if some parts of the trail could be done if you were pulling a trailer.  You would probably need to pull the winch line in a few spots in that case.  As we prodded on looking for a path that we hoped would lead to the Buckhorn trail area of Devils Den we crossed a dry Blackburn Creek

and then a beautiful Lee Creek which was still holding on to a few pools of water. As we crossed and went on our way, the sound of the breezes through the trees was like a prayer for rain, before the water that remained was  quietly carried away with the breeze!

We found our way to the back entrance of the large gravel parking area at the Buckhorn trail head and decided to retrace some tracks from earlier and check out an old schoolhouse or church before making our way to Bunyard road.

Bunyard road would carry us up and over the top of the tunnel on 540 then down the other side and into the sleepy town of Winslow, AR

After stopping at the local gas station we decided to push on up Boston Mountain on Hwy 71 to look for our next trail eastward.  As we were pulling onto the highway Mark spotted a sign at the Winslow Fire Station just across the road inviting us to partake in the catfish and chicken benefit dinner that started at 5pm.  A quick glance at the watch showed 4:59 so a quick vote was taken and the decision was made to support the local fundraising efforts while we enjoyed a quick dinner before returning to the road.

While we were loading our plates inside one of the fireman warned us that we might want to roll up the windows in our rigs because they were expecting one of the Med-flight helicopters to land in the small clearing right next to the building at any time.  We decided to eat outside and watch for the flying machine.  As it slowly lowered in preparation for landing



I tried to focus for the second shot, all of a sudden I realized why the warning to close up the windows!  It hit like a micro blast and dust was everywhere!  After a quick look inside,

and a quick prayer that this is one helicopter ride I hope I never have to take, we hit the rode to try to scout one more short trail. We found our way to the start of the Frog Bayou trail, but this would have to wait for our next scouting trip as the sun was quickly fading into the Ozark Mountains yet again.

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Looks like you had a blast!  Wish I could have made it!

Be sure to let me know when you do some more scouting...I'd like to join you.


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