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Last week Teresa and I attended a 4 day seminar called Marriage Boot Camp.   It is a program designed to help struggling couples face the issues they have as a couple, as well as dealing with baggage that either may be carrying from their past.

While all dealings within the seminar are confidential for the participants, I can tell you that many of the changes that Teresa and I saw were truly life changing.

The huge majority of issues that we all struggle with are communication related.  We get distracted by jobs, hobbies, kids, and all kinds of stuff that takes the focus off our spouse, whom God commands us to honor after him.  We allow it because it's easier than dealing with the issues. 

I would bet 100% of the couples that took this seminar talked to their spouses more in four days, about important things, than they had in most of their married life.

Many of us have settled.  We've settled for unhappiness, frustration, anger, hurt, loneliness, pain, and the feeling that we'll never find happiness in our marriages again.  We're just existing, waiting for the next blow-up, hiding out in the garage working on our jeeps... 

We know that God does not want us to live like this.  He says to dwell in peace with our spouses.

It is events like Marriage Boot Camp that help us learn to deal both with who we are, and how to work through the challenges in our relationships.

It simply requires a desire to have a better relationship and the willingness to devote 4 days to make it happen.

We are so glad we attended.  It was hard work, but ANY marriage is worth 4 days of hard work if it makes things better.

Will you be challenged?  Yes.  Will you struggle at times?  Probably.  Will you be out of your comfort zone?   Of course.  How many of us really spend even an hour a day talking to our spouses, really talking?  

If you'd like to see your relationship improve, search and check out dates/times.  Because Teresa and I are now alumni, we can refer you and you'll get 4 days of seminar training for two for just $600.00.  

Guys, that's a bargain for a better relationship. 

PM me if we can help or if you need more information.

God Bless,

Larry and Teresa

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We Be Rockin'
Posts: 600

Bump for marriages


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We Be Rockin'
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Bump for a better marriage

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We Be Rockin'
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Bump for a better marriage

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Sounds like a great deal.  Glad you all got to attend.


David Austin

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