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I finally have the jeep where I "think" its ready to go wheeling.  I have plans to meet some guys from Dallas On the 25th, but I want to make sure everything is legit before then.  Is there anyone that wants to meet me somewhere for a day run?  A lot of people are going to the Gorilla run but I know there has to be someone around here that wants to get out and about.

I'm in Bentonville, so anywhere local would work.  I'm gonna trailer it just in case :D  I don't care how built your rig is, as long as you have a winch just incase I need pulling back down a hill! 

Can do Disney, Wheeling World, Devil's Den or even Cass if need be.


Let me know guys and gals!

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Hey Justin, we've got guys headed to SMORR or Devil's Den on Saturday.  You're welcome to join us on one of these runs.

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Cool, Thanks Randy.  I'm thinking Wheeling World might be a better test in the long run because of the varied terrain.  I still have to flex this thing all out and check for clearance!  SMORR is further than I wanted to go for a day run though.  But, if I can't find anyone to run to Eureka Springs with me I may meet ya'll in the morning. 

I'll try to post up tonight so you will know for sure.


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How was the test run at Wheeling World?  We need pictures.

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Not too bad, spent about 3-4 hours.. mostly flexing it out and checking clearances and for any binding.  found a few minor tweaks I have to make, probably an afternoons worth.  The worst part was crushing my trailer fender when I pulled off the trailer :(   That took me all day today to fix, nothing like an unforseen project to eat up a day.

There are some pics that Larry Posted (my guide) on Wheeling worlds site.  Here's a link.... not sure how to borrow the pics from there and add to here??

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