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I was browsing my craigspro app on my phone today and ran across a guy selling a few items for an XJ. Among those items was a Detroit Truetrac LSD for a Dana 30. These retail for about $400 so when I saw he was asking $150 I decided that my search for a traction device for my front axle was over. I have considered many different options for front axle traction, weighed the pros & cons of each, and had decided to put it off for a while. A lot of folks don't like a limited slip, but for me I have only wheeled my rig twice in the past 10-12 months and I drive mine everyday. I figure an LSD is better than an open diff. I have heard a lot of good things about the truetrac, I guess I will find out first hand how they do offroad.

2001 WJ, 4.7L V8, 3" Iron Rock Offroad lift, 17" JK Moab wheels, 32" BFG M/T KM's, Detroit TrueTrac LSD front, Spartan locker rear

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That is awesome. You will definetly feel and love the difference when offroad.



 2000 XJ Sport, 4 1/2 lift,Dana 30, 8.25 rear, NP231,STANO front bumper, rear bumper in progress, TJ Moab wheels, ZJ V8 steering. In the process of front hoop, tires, fender trimming.


**ZJ rear gas tank skid, KJ Liberty rear disc brakes**



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Years ago I had a CJ 7 with LSD front and rear and it wheeled very well. Good move

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I know that a limited slip isn't going to perform offroad like a locker does. I plan on eventually doing a selectable locker and I really like the Ox locker with air activation. However that is beyond my budget right now. I had considered a lock right and I had talked to a club member who has ran one for a couple of years and really liked it, but I ruled it out as an option. My transfercase has 2wd, 4 part time, 4 full time, and 4 low. You can use the full time option on dry pavement without any popping or binding. The V8 in rain, snow, ice, etc can be a little squirrelly so I use the full time option in bad weather. I have read on a lot of forums about the unpredictability of an auto locker in 4wd and decided against one. What I like about the truetrac is that it is a clutch less limited slip.

2001 WJ, 4.7L V8, 3" Iron Rock Offroad lift, 17" JK Moab wheels, 32" BFG M/T KM's, Detroit TrueTrac LSD front, Spartan locker rear

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