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We Be Rockin'
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If you haven't been to Wheeling World between Eureka and Berryville recently, those boys have been busy.  While it's not a big park (less than 150 acres), the terrain is rugged and Dale and his crew have been cutting and building trails like crazy.

Nathan N, Jeff B, and Hemi (Dozer) Grant have been  hitting the trails almost weekly and it got our curiosity up to the point we just had to go.   Crew consisted of Randy, Hemi, Nathan, Jeff, Scott Thomley, and myself.  This was my first run since EJS when I destroyed my rear axle.  Thankfully Nathan N had one lying around and it passed the Wheeling World test with flying colors.

The short drive over was well worth the trip.   A lot of the trails are reminescent of Cass but a lot closer to home.  We were glad the guys were familiar with the trails , as some of them are truly challenging.  

We started off on Hillbilly Highway, kind of a trail/access route, dropped into Creek Bed (aptly named) for some high flex action, dropped off a couple six foot ledges, all headed down stream.  Once I get my new tires, I plan on making like a salmon and heading back up stream, but not this day.  

We did Possum Sled, a neat 5 that transitions from great traction and ledges to shattered gneiss that tries to throw you into a big pine tree at the top.  Judging by the looks of that pine tree, it often succeeds.   

We jumped over to Fence Line,  watched Jeff go up, then Nathan N attempted.  He tried the harder line to the right and paid for it with a hard slide into another big pine tree that took out his hardtop rear window and a big crack in the top.   Bummer.   That's some serious carnage.   A quick winch got him off the tree and up he went.

Hemi was next and after displacing a couple large boulders and some tire spin he crested the top as well.

I followed and spun my AT's for all they were worth as I bounced over the top.    Kind of reminescent of Panty Hill at Smoor.

Jeff and I decided to take a look at Hell No (5) and decided that a boulder strewn off camber gravel fest was right up our alley, since it was hanging on the edge of a bluff.   

Jeff and I really like the slow technical stuff, and we got Jeff up it in pretty good shape.  Probably the first JK to make it, as it was no joke.

I then tried it and found once again that BFG AT's are not made for loose or slick climbs.   Took me about 30 minutes and three spotters to get over and around the boulders as I just could not get traction.

Nathan liked the looks of the trail and was walking up it easily when he got hung up by his rear LCA/shock mount.  He winched off of it and zoomed up the rest of the obstacle no problem, with his D-60's taking all the beating he could dish out.

With the day passing quickly,  we decided to run over to Piece of Cake, another 5, located in a boulder strewn draw near the park entrance.  

Jeff went first, and did a great job as the first JK on 35's up the hill.  Nathan followed and crawled up in no time.  I went next got kind of hung up in the middle section.  Not sure why most of the pics show my front wheels in the air.  I was trying to take it easy, kind of.   Dale offered to stack a rock, but I told him no way and finally up and over smokin' my AT's for traction.

Scott followed (open diffs) and also got caught in the middle of the climb, but persevered and drop that bad boy all the way through.  

Hemi (Dozer) Grant was next.  He came through the first 2/3's of the trail like nothing, but got off line a little and ended up creating some new trail as he bounced into the woods.  He was literally throwing rooster tails of dirt 20 feet in the air.  He finally got straightened back our and up he came!

Best we could tell there was no major driveline carnage, so it was a pretty good day overall!  

Thanks to Dale and his team for the spotting help and for working so diligently to get the park in great shape.

We are looking forward to our next trip! 

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We Be Rockin'
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Rick, Hell No would have been great for a coil over JK on 37's

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