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I am wanting to add new bumpers, a tire carrier (35's) and some sort of soft/bikini top for my '11 Rubicon 4 door....the choices seem endless! I have flipped thru tons of magazines/sites and seem to be having a hard time deciding what would be best and look best. 

I would really apprciate opinions/thoughts/recommendations and even pictures. 


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Hi Jen, you're right we are fortunate as jeep owners to have so many choices in aftermarket parts and accessories.  Usually my budget is the first thing that narrows my choices,  My next consideration in bumpers is probably function and weight.  For my front bumber I wanted a stubby bumper because I like the look of the front tires uncovered, and it weighs less.  I also wanted a front bumper where my winch would be mounted as low as possible so as not to obstruct air flow to my radiator.  Other considerations are finish (painted or powder coated), integreated fog lights, light tabs, to name a few. You might also consider if you want front and rear bumpers to match, strength of tire carrier, does the rear bumper accomate a highlift mount and or a mount for a CB antenna.  Once you narrow your choices down to a few , try to find someone that actually has the bumper and ask how they like it.  The vaious jeep forums are a great place to ask this question.  If you plan to tow anything another consideration when looking at rear bumpers is whether the receiver is integrated or not.  Many times if the receiver is integrated into the bumper you are advised not to tow as much.

Hope this helps.  I'm sure others will chime in here as well.  By the way, glad to see you on the forum and good luck with your build.

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If you can't find what your looking for in the aftermarket world give me a call.  I own Rock Solid Fabworks in Van Buren and have built many one-off bumpers.  I built Branson's bumper on here (Bone) and did the tube work on it.  I've also did some custom tube work on Larry's jeep (Weberockin).   I have an in house CNC plasma table that all my cutting is done on for very precise work.   I also offer powder coating now since I've got a guy who does an outstanding job and he offers many different finishes.   If your on Facebook check out my Rock Solid Fabworks page for stuff I've done.



Rock Solid Fabworks    479-414-1246

Specializing in one-off fabrication with in house CNC plasma cutting.

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Hey Jenn,


There are so many options out there. And you have to shop carefully - stubby bumpers do not always weigh less. Take the Lod midwidth which weighs 72 pounds, and compare it to the Lod Stubby, which weighs 99 pounds.


The aftermarket options I like that are on the market right now are JCR Offroad; they are quite cost competitive. Poison Spyder and Lod are top quality and a little more expensive. The PSC Brawler Lite comes in at 65 pounds.


What I like about the JCR and Lod front bumpers is the winch is recessed and protected.


rear numpers you need to figure out what to do with the tire carrier - will you replace the stock one with something like the OR FAB carrier, or will it mount on the bumper. If it mounts on the bumper, will it swing open with the tailgate or not. I went with a bumper mounted one that swings separate from the tailgate as it is more durable.


And of course you can fab exactly what you want. Or you can fab an after market bumper. I have a Lod midwidth and had a stinger custom fabbed and added to it.  

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My suggestion would definitely be custom fab when it comes to bumpers.  A lot of the "top of the line" bumpers are only considered top of the line because of the brand name.  Your paying a lot for that name.  You can easily spend $900 for a front or rear bumper on a JK.  I have about $900 in both my front and rear, and I would put them up against anything on the market.  As Justin said, he built my front bumper.  It looks good and has functioned perfectly.  I've rammed several rocks and trees with it.  Barely even a scratch.  I also hit a deer with it.  Didn't phase it.  Bo Turner built my rear bumper.  A big issue with after market tire carriers is that they are only rated to carry up to a 37" tire before the hinge starts wearing out.  Also, a lot of them rattle on the trail.  I elected to go with a screw in T handle latch on mine, and it NEVER rattles.  Oh, and it also withstood a Jeep Cherokee rear ending me at a stop light without any damage.  Not only are they tough bumpers, but I know that when I pass another JK, their not going to have the same bumpers as me!  Bo and Justin both did an excellent job and I will do the same thing again next time.  That's just my opinion on the matter. 





2008 JK Wrangler

SkyJacker 4.5" full flex / SkyJacker Adj. Control Arms / Tatton driveshafts / 36x12.50 Super Swamper TSL Radials / 15x8 Eagles / Rock Solid Fab front bumper / Smittybilt XRC-8 winch / Hellas / Custom built rear bumper - tire carrier / Aussie Locker


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Oh, and by the way, there have been some bikini tops on Craigslist lately for 4 door JK's.  I bought one last week for my 2 door.  Brand new Bestop brand with window channel for $75.  About half price.  I saw two on there this week for JK Unlimited in the same price range.



2008 JK Wrangler

SkyJacker 4.5" full flex / SkyJacker Adj. Control Arms / Tatton driveshafts / 36x12.50 Super Swamper TSL Radials / 15x8 Eagles / Rock Solid Fab front bumper / Smittybilt XRC-8 winch / Hellas / Custom built rear bumper - tire carrier / Aussie Locker


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Thanks everyone for all the info!! 

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