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Ok, so my Lj has a Rubi tcase the PO swapped in.  Driving it home after buying it and about 450 miles in I blew out the speedo seal (at 1 am in Nevada MO)  anyway, earlier we had noticed that the tcase was staying in 4hi (therefore driving the DS, gears, spool and axles)  maybe it got too hot at highway speeds for a long period of time?  Either way I just plugged the sensor hole cause I really don't need a speedo since it can't really go over 60-65 anyway.

Now, back to the shifting.  It will not stay in 2hi on the street.  The torque will cause the gears to grind until it pops into 4hi and then will actually run fine (although I don't want it doing this for obvious reasons)  It also will not stay in 4lo.  It will pop into Neutral.  Sometimes I can rock it and get it back into low but then it will pop out again.

The last time in Clayton it wouldn't stay in lo, so I disconnected all of the linkages and shifted into lo by hand and then tied the shift lever on the case back with a ratchet strap so I could keep wheeling.

Now, the point of all this.  I've heard/read that there are plastic caps on the ends of the shift forks that can wear out.  I have the Tcase pulled and on a table, but I have never opened one up before.  I also haven't found a spec sheet anywhere with details on this model on opening it up.   Is there anyone out there that's willing to give me a hand?  I can turn a wrench and do most things myself, but the internals of a tcase intimidate me  and I can't get it apart and never get it back together cause they are just too much $$ to replace.



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Anyone? Bueler?? Lots of runs that I've already missed, could use some help so I can be ready for the Fall wheeling schedule. Case is pulled and sitting on a table so all the "dirty" work is done

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I tore a NP231 apart for the first time by myself. Take your time and lay it out in order on a table. Clean parts as you go and even take pictures if you can. I bet it is something simple.  Here is a little article about your transfer case.



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Did it stay in 4low after u disconnected the linkage at Clayton if so its probable a linkage arm problem

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No  that was my first thought as well.  But it kept popping out.  So I tied a ratchet strap to it and over the tcase to hold it back and in low


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you may already know this but mine shifts best and stays in low best when i shift it while rolling. mine jumps out of lo from time to time and rolling is almost required to get it to stay in Lo after it pops out. i do like the Novak linkage and may go with that if i keep having issues.

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Correct, it is actually meant to be rolling to shift to 4 low, I did the best I could by rocking it while shifting by hand. If it hadn't had other issues (like not stayin in 2hi) I probably wouldn't care. But since the plan is to have this thing be dual purpose rig, I need the case to shift correctly.

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