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I am interested to know what you take with you when you do an overland trip. I understand you need food and clothing as well as tools, shelter and maybe even some parts. What I am looking for is:

1. What is your favorite food to take and how do you prepare it on the trail?

2. Do you pack a full size Colman stove or do you just us a "pocket stove" or something else?

3. What is the one thing you would not leave home without?

I have a pelican case I am trying to pack with all the food items and all the means to prepare that food on the trail.

The box will fit behind my back seat in the TJ.

What should be in it?

I am sure you all have some creative ideas you would want to share.

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How big is the pelican case? 

My overland trip was in the truck, so I had a ton of room, but I use a PakRat kitchen for all the stuff i need.  2 burner coleman, 4 plates and bowls, a few measuring cups, a set of pots and a flat skillet that works well for a lot of things.  It also holds.. paper towels, matches, cordage, etc etc etc (mostly a bunch of small "I wish I had XX" stuff)


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I typically pack sandwich stuff so I don't have to cook.  Some folks pack a small Coleman stove like you're describing.  Depends on your level of skills and desire for trail cooking.

I always pack plenty of water.  I never want to be without water.  You never know how long you might be stuck far away from civilization.

Randy has been on more trips than anyone else here.  I'm sure he'll chime in soon.


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I am not sure of the size but I posted a photo of it on the "superlift laborday" photo album. I have some "other stuff" non food related because it was a day trip. I have 3 meals each for two people, a pocket stove and a very small mess kit in the box.  

On a longer trip or overland trip I would take out my back seat and have more room. I was expecting 4 in the TJ this weekend.  

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Randy, I have some "Towel in a Pouch" samples for you guys to try on your next run.  They are used for bathing by the military where no showers are available.   Remind me to bring them to the meeting.

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Wow the Expedition Portal has a ton of helpful info. Thanks for the link as well as the other replies.

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I would have liked to try those towels on my hiking trip, didn't get a shower for over a week. Bathed mostly in the 20 degree mountain streams, quite refreshing!


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