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For those already committed or seriously interested in going to Easter Jeep safari in Moab next March, we are having our first planning meeting on Thursday night the 20th of December.

We will be discussing housing plans, transportation needs, departure and return, routes, trails, etc.

If you plan on sharing housing expenses with other club members, it will require an advance deposit to hold the property.   It is common for housing to fill up, so reservations must be made early.  Many units have already sold out.

If you are planning on getting your own housing, you are strongly encouraged to get reservations soon

It's a big committment and a long drive, but the wheeling is second to none, the scenery is beautiful, and you get to spend a week surrounded by equally crazy jeepers.

Our group had a great time last year and should be even better this year as we will know our way around and get to try out some new trails.

We will announce the location in the next few days as soon as we get a meeting room reserved.


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I know we discussed this a little yesterday, but we can have the meeting at my house.  Address is 4305 Arlington Dr., Rogers.  I am just across the interstate from the Walmart off Pleasant Grove Rd.  Let's plan to meet between 6:30 - 7:00.


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Meeting will be at my house.  Arrive between 6:30 - 7:00.  I will be cooking some Chilli for those that attend.  We will take a look at trails, verify housing and travel plans, and wrap up any open questions, etc.  Shouldn't take more than an 1 -1 1/2 hours.


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We Be Rockin'
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EJS 2013 planning meeting to night at Jeff's.


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We Be Rockin'
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At the EJS 2013 planning meeting last night we had 5 attendees and at this point have transportation, lodging, route, and trails wrapped up.    

This year we'll be taking the Southern route, I-40 thru TX then North to Moab to avoid the Western CO mountains.  While beautiful, they are a real drag on mileage and a challenge for those not accustomed to towing big loads.

We will not necessarily be caravaning, but may connect along the way.  Departure times are lookiing like anything from Thursday afternoon to o'dark thirty Friday morning.  probably overnighting around Alb.  NM.   

Trails, if I remember correctly, will be Poison Spyder Mesa, a 5 (western) rated trail that will be easy but supposed to be very scenic.

Golden Spike, a 7, none of us have been on it but it looks awesome.

Pritchett Canyon, a 9, very fun trail.  We are planning on running it both ways if time allows.

Hells Revenge: a unique trail with the famous 'bathtubs' and the infamous 'escalator' 

Metal Masher:  Ran this last year.  Hope to tackle some of the harder obstacles this year.

So, the trucks and trailers we have available today are all accounted for.   

Anyone else wishing to go is more than welcome and we will be happy to assist you any way we can.  The possibility exists that another trailer spot may open, but don't count on it.   

We hope to make this a yearly event, so if you can't make it this year there's always next.   It takes planning and costs approx. $2400.00 for the week including everything (depending on number of people in your family and whether you split fuel costs) but it is the MOST AWESOME wheeling.

See you on the trails!

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