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Ok, this ought to be something everyone can contribute to!  What is the best mod you have made to your rig that cost less than $50?  Mine would have to be the Daystar replacement hood tie downs.  I thnk they were about $25.  No more thinking the hood is about to fly off when a big truck passes!

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Only thing I can think of that was under $50 was my shorty antenna which was $14. Looks a lot better but not as good of reception as the factory one. 

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Best thing under $50 was some homemade isolators for my D-rings to keep those puppies from rattling.  Made them myself out of heavy duty heater hose that cost about $10.  I still have plenty for anyone interested. 


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There are mods that cost less than $50 bucks?


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Here are a few off the top of my head...

- Tire deflators (Teraflex makes some <$20 that I've been using for years... serves as a keyring when not in use)

- Cheap CB (maybe squeak over a $50 a little)

- Velcro-on handles to go over roll bars... keep hands from grabbing the bars which is dangerous...

- Pipe insulation to serve as roll bar cushions on vehicles without cushions on their roll bars

- Christian Crawler annual dues paid in full.

- Recovery hooks (MANY Jeeps don't have them by default)

- Small first aid kit (basic)... I got an ammo can and put in what I thought was important.  From my experience the most used items are 1- Benadryl, 2- Band aids, 3- Antacid, 4- Tylenol

- Yank strap

- You have to get up to ~$70 to get u-build-it on-board-air I believe... although I think I can do that at close $50 if you don't care about a tank and you give up your A/C...or you already have a compressor... YMMV




Hmmm...only a few of these are "mods" ...


'94 Jeep YJ 4.0L, 35" BFGs, Atlas 2 tcase, D44 front, 14b rear, detroit front, ARB rear, 4.56 gears, Warn winch, Onboard air, some rock rash. 


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Hey I have a cheap mod for Larry.  How about a rubber bump stop to go under his gas peddle?  Cost little of nothing and would have saved plenty over the past 2 years!!!  Couldn't resist Larry,


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Yeah Jeff, but what fun we've had!   I did recall a roll of velcro strapping that I've used to fasten all kinds of things to the jeep called one wrap.

AND Rick sold me a set of driveshafts for 100, that would be fifty apiece, and I'll be relying on one of them to get up the Moab trails next year. 


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Mine would have to be the Low range only locker bypass switch I added to my Rubicon. I can now activate my lockers in HI range 2wd or 4wd. It took a switch, 4 connectors and about 12 inches of wire. I guess a 2nd mod was adding a Transmission temperature gauge to the auto trans. I was reading up on transmission maintenance and was told in a forum that everyone with an auto trans needs a cooler. I wanted to know if mine was running hot before I invested in a fancy cooler that I may not even need. Now if it does get hot, I will know it. I can then stop, let it cool down and press on. So far it has never run hot. So I am looking forward to this summer’s heat so I will know for sure.

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Mine would probably be the rear cover I made. If I remember it was just under $50
A lift, wheels, tires and stuff
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Grip tape for the top of the slider to make it easier to get in and out of the jeep


Rugged Ridge makes these metal pieces that fit on the door sill so it does not get scuffed up


AntennaX rubber flexible antenna for $15

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