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Been wanting to join the group but not set up proper . stock cj5  4 speed 6 cyl .  want to know what size of lift and tires preferd.


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I went on a run last month with the club 100% stock, didn't have any issues or problems. That being said, I don't believe there are any restrictions or special vehicle needs for membership. I believe all area trails CC4x4 utilizes have various difficulty ratings that will accomodate each vehicles ability. Even stock your Jeep will impress you!

Because its a Christ and family oriented club, you won't be left behind or be pressured into doing something your not comfortable with. I personally won't attend a big meat run, for example, unless I was spectating because I wouldn't want to hold folks back that are looking to do the hardcore things my vehicle just can't do.

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Mike as 11JKU mentioned you do not HAVE to have to be lifted and run large tires to me a member of our club. We have a very diverse group that ranges from a 60's flat fender jeep with original drivetrain and tires to full blown tube buggies and everything in between. When I joined the club I also only had a stock rig and didn't know anything about this thing called "Off-Roading". I was able to feel at home at the events and was coached through obstacles that I was not sure I was able to conquer. Over time I have built my rig and like most of us it will always be a work in progress, but that is what makes it fun.

The purpose of this club is not to see who can have the biggest, baddest, and most tied up in a rig BUT to have an environment of likeminded Christians that enjoy the opportunity of getting out in the great outdoors with friends and family. I am proud to say that EVERY event we HOST is family friendly. We like to laugh have fun and not have to worry what our spouses and children might hear or see. My wife and daughter are able to attend 75% of the events that I go to and we consider this to be a family hobby.

Hope this helps


A lift, wheels, tires and stuff
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This is why i an a member of this club. I could not have said it better myself. This is a family oriented Christ centered club and in the few events I have been involved in we as a group have always considered every rig in the group when we planned a trail ride. You can look at the member profiles and see how the rigs are set up. I personally run 33 in tires and I ride with other rigs that run 31s to 35s. I recommend you run what you have and just enjoy the fellowship.
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I would like to welcome you to our club and encourage you to come out and give us a try.  As Scott mentioned, we always try to be inclusive with all the folks that show up for our runs.  We do have some folks in our club that don't mind taking on a challenge, but we never pressure anyone to do something that they are not comfortable doing.  I think you will find our group to be very enjoyable.

Hope to see you on the trails soon,



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I'd suggest running stock for a year and going on as many runs as you can stand to put up with Jeff .  After a year, ask Santa for your target setup...and giggle a lot when you get it installed. 


'94 Jeep YJ 4.0L, 35" BFGs, Atlas 2 tcase, D44 front, 14b rear, detroit front, ARB rear, 4.56 gears, Warn winch, Onboard air, some rock rash. 


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Thanks for the endorsement!!


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