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Hi guys, I'm Jeremy, I met up with you and attended the CASS run earlier this month. I again wanted to say me and the kids had a great time (and my son was thrilled to see himself in the banner pic :lime-green jacket sleeves ). My bride is Lalonna you met Talon and my oldest daughter, Mckenna, I also have a 5 month old girl, Brynley . I figured out my paypal acct, and as soon as they confirm my information I'll submit membership dues.I currently work Fri, Sat, Sun nights so it makes it difficult to attend many events but will make as many as I can. My wife is a full time nursing student and should gradute this summer.

A bit about me, I'm a Navy vet, spent 10 years active duty and 3 years in the reserves as a hospital corpsman, all but 2 years of that was spent with the Marine corps. I've done several diffent jobs since I got out of the service, but went back to what the Navy trained me to primarily do after I moved here. I'm a medical lab technician at Mercy hosptital, I've been in NWA about 8 years now.

I'm not technically a new off-roader, though this is my first Jeep. I've had 4 different 4x4's, one of the favorites I had a 69 Bronco I goofed around in when I was stationed in CA. I also went out to the desert a lot on my quad out there(nearly every weekend in the winter months).

My family and I look forward to meeting you all again for soem good, family fun.

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Look forward to seeing you and your family again on a trail run in the near future.  Thanks for sharing the personal info and a special thanks for your service to our country.  Keep in touch and try to get out with us as soon as possible.



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Welcome!  I'm Phliip and my daughter Anna was driving the Black TJ.  I think we visited a few times on the trail.  I spent a lot of time spotting/hiking.

Where did you wheel in CA? I spent a little time on the Left Coast in the East Bay.  I used to go wheelin' anywhere from the Rubicon, down as far South as Johnson Valley.  Used to go camping out near Salton Sea as well.  There's some cool places to go there if you can get away from the crazy people.


'94 Jeep YJ 4.0L, 35" BFGs, Atlas 2 tcase, D44 front, 14b rear, detroit front, ARB rear, 4.56 gears, Warn winch, Onboard air, some rock rash. 


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I never strayed far from southern CA. Ocotillo wells, Glamis, Buttercup and other high desert trail riding mostly. I used to ride dirt bikes and quads more than anything in the dunes. There are definately a lot of crazies out there, its amazing there aren't more people hurt (esp in the dunes) with the silliness that goes on. I always went with family, so we camped apart from most of the insanity.

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