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Scott Ray
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I've got a 2008 JKU and I'm considering some performance improvements since I'm going to be putting 35" tires on it soon. It's been recommended to me that I look at a catback exhaust upgrade since I already have a CAI. MRBD seems to be a popular choice. Anyone running a catback? Any real performance or fuel improvements?


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We Be Rockin'
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Just my personnel opinion, but if you look at output (performance) vs. input (cash), it's not remotely worth it.  You can relocate and upgrade your current exhaust to a much better sounding muffler for well under $100 and get your engine breathing a little better.   To get your jeep to perform on 35's, look for 4.88 gears to regain performance.  Then, when you move to 37's, you'll need 5.13's.   By then,  for true performance, you should probably save your cash for a superchargerl

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I have an MRB muffler on my rig. I did it because the stock muffler was getting beat up by trail runs. It's relocated between the frame rails, and does the job. I also run a superchip and a snorkel which is effectivel a CAI.


Are there performance improvements? Well, I have 5.13 gears, 35" tires, the snorkel, superchip, and muffler and have better power (mostly the gears) and slightly better mileage than stock. The muffler will not pay for itself in gas savings. But, as part of the overall plan, its a logical step - especially if you beat on the stock one.

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