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As discussed in tonight's meeting (4/18 ), I'd like to propose that we start listing trail rides on a difficultly scale from 1 - 3. 1 being stock to mildly modified, 2 being modified to heavily modified, and 3 being buggy or extreme rig class. The weather is starting to get a little nicer and we hope to get some rides planned soon. I think a good class 1 trail ride would be a nice start of the season. Does anyone have a preference for trail and date. Rush Springs is close and has a variety of trail options. Please post up your thoughts. 

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Rich I think it's a great idea to rate the runs. Not sure why we never thought of it before.
A lift, wheels, tires and stuff
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I hated to miss the meeting, but duty called. My question is, why not just have a RUn to xxx and have a divide into easy, med or hard groups? That way no one is excluded

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That is most likely what we'll do but we will need volunteers to lead up each group.
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I am in for Rush Springs !! Or Devils Den !! Or Wheelin World !! Or Byrds !! Or Superlift !! Or Big M !! Just set some dates and lets get out there :) Just my 2 ΒΆ on trail ratings , it's seems a little easier to use a 1-5 trail system just because you can differentiate on opinion between people and still have a rating. One guy may think it was a 2 , while the other guy thought it was tough so he chooses 4. Ok sounds more like a 3 to me. Again , just an opinion. :) also helps with the difference in driver skill levels. A newbie vs. a vet differ on ratings.
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If I may pipe in, as some may recall I went to Byrds in Feb- had a blast! I was the only stock - I mean down to street tires stock there and I did everything everyone esle did minus the rock hopping the lifted boys did.(pulled out of offcamber mud by James, TY again) I personally didn't mind taking the side road/park and watch you guys show us what our rigs can do modified.

I'm horrible with names, so bear with me- but someone said - if your not comfortable with anything, say so. I like the scale system but looking at the trail maps of (most) area ORV parks, there are go arounds for lessor abled vehicles. usually fairly short actually. One could easily lead a '1' up to the look out and he'd(leader) still be able to do the objectice obstacle he wanted.

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Meh, I've seen many different ratings..

Since you're looking for opinions (which are like noses and everyone has one)...:D

I say 1-5... 1=stocker with lowrider kit, 2= overlanding, 3 = 33-35" tires some lift, probably locked at least in the rear 4 = most of the "built" club rigs, 5 = Bring it or come to hike, watch, and take photos.

1-2 = go see the colors in the Fall, the wildflowers in the spring and the fireworks in the summer.  No stress day of wheeling.

3 = learn to drive and learn to spot.  Some potential for damage, likely some paint gets hit with limbs.  (Honestly, this is probably the highest likely group for learning recovery techniques)... Fun days.

4 = Pay attention to your spotter (and know how to drive going in).  Good chance of damage.  Some chance of hard recovery.

5 = YMMV (Your mileage may vary)

In my stable: Flatfender = 1, "Bob" = 3-4, "Blue Pig"  >= 4


'94 Jeep YJ 4.0L, 35" BFGs, Atlas 2 tcase, D44 front, 14b rear, detroit front, ARB rear, 4.56 gears, Warn winch, Onboard air, some rock rash. 


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I like the 1 to 5 rating. Basically you could rate a ride based on the hardest trail the leader plans to take. Example: if you had a leader that would only do level 3 trails or less then it would be a level 3 ride. if you had more leaders it may be a 2 and 4 run or a 3 and 5 run. one leader would do 3 and under the other would do 5 and under. at some point they could meet up and still have the fellowship.

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My previous post was a bit all over the place. and was half asleep when I wrote it. Would it be easier to do a 3 color code sort of like how Byrds codes thier trails? Green, Yellow Red? May be a bit easier and we're all familiar with the color meanings from daily driving. Or maybe instead of yellow, make it blue so it'll stand out. Something like :

<thread title>Super lift run May 31

<thread title> Byrds run

<thread title> Rush springs ranch run

and add a generic color meaning to the end of the post.


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