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Bobby Stills
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Hey guys. At the last club meeting i was told one of our members could help me put a set of gears in my tj front axle and now i cannot remember his name to get a hold of him. I should soon have the rest of my parts to install them but have never put a set of gears in before and would be grateful if I could have someone to help me do it.

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Hey, I'm Philip.  I suspect they were talking about me.  I've regeared a D30 before.  They're so little and cute! 

I'm at about my 7th or 8th setup depending on if you include coaching Hank through his D35 rear setup a few weeks ago.  I've done one Dana 30 before. 

Here are some specialized tools you'll need:

- bearing splitter
- press (10-ton harbor freight can do it... I have a 20 ton harbor freight)
- I have most of the gauges you might want, but not necessarily all.
- Socket for pinion bolt
- Torque wrenches (big foot pound and small inch-pound)
- Patience (in great heaping quantities)

Depending on the level of help you want (and your timeline), here are some options:

- Use my tools and garage, but you will be on my timeline... e.g.probably a work week of evenings straight from 6PM until about 9PM or maybe a weekend full day sometime Mid-summer (my weekends are booking fast)

- Use mostly your tools and your garage and I'll swing by to help at points where you need guidance.  You can swing by and borrow the press but honestly, it's not that convenient to use someone else's press...and you will use it a few times setting up gears.

Regardless, there are 2-3 things to start out :

- Don't just tear it down, you're going to need to label parts so bolts/caps/shims can be reassembled in the exact same place/order.  The shim stacks, bearing caps and bearing cap bolts in particular.

- Do yourself a big favor.  Get the whole axle it off the jeep and cracked open and get everything out to a clean surface before doing anything else.   (drain, scoop, shop-rag, turn it upside down and let it drain out into a pan, then finally hit it with brake cleaner.  It's ok to leave the wheels on to support it and make moving it around easier... although with a front axle it's going to be a floppy handful. Make sure your Jeep is firmly supported with jack stands.

- Doing your own gears is a money saver.  However, read the instructions on pirate board and/or randys ring and pinion on how do this at home before you volunteer to do it.  I can coach you through it and I don't fear them at all...but it is your jeep and in the end you'll be driving on your handy work.  If things go badly, it's your handiwork.  If things are awesome it's also your handiwork.

Hank did a great job on his D35... maybe he'll pipe in with suggestions.


'94 Jeep YJ 4.0L, 35" BFGs, Atlas 2 tcase, D44 front, 14b rear, detroit front, ARB rear, 4.56 gears, Warn winch, Onboard air, some rock rash. 


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Bobby Stills
Limited Member
Posts: 9

Wow! Thanks for all the info! Ill be getting in contact with you soon. Hope to get the jeep ready for the trails as soon as i can so i can go on some trails.


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